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401 CLOSE-UP Dingle's Deceptions Lorayne, Harry
402 CLOSE-UP Reputation Makers Lorayne, Harry
403 CLOSE-UP A Session Of Tricks, Tips And Patter Lorraine, Sid
404 CLOSE-UP Easy Hand Tricks Lounge, Bob
405 CLOSE-UP Simon Says! Lovell, Simon
406 CLOSE-UP Son of Simon Says! Lovell, Simon
407 CLOSE-UP Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen Lovick, John
408 CLOSE-UP L.I.N.T.: Pocket Stuff for Close-up Magicians Luka, John
409 CLOSE-UP Secrets for the Part-time Magician Luka, John
410 CLOSE-UP Real World Magic MacGregor, Jerry
411 CLOSE-UP Ketten-Zauber Magic Christian
412 CLOSE-UP Magic of the Forks Hotel, The Malbrough, Jay
413 CLOSE-UP Who is Joe Dudek? Malone, Bill
414 CLOSE-UP Das Kellentrick-Prinzip Zweiter Band Mansfeld, Werner
415 CLOSE-UP Das Kellentrick-Prinzip Erster Band Mansfeld, Werner
416 CLOSE-UP The Mixologist Mardo, Senor
417 CLOSE-UP The Cups and Balls Mardo, Senor
418 CLOSE-UP Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards Marlo, Edward
419 CLOSE-UP Shoot the works Marlo, Edward
420 CLOSE-UP The Sponge Book - How to Do Sponge Ball Tricks Marshall, Frances
421 CLOSE-UP How to Sell Magic Marshall, Frances
422 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 4 Marshall, Frances
423 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 3 Marshall, Frances
424 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 2 Marshall, Frances
425 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 1 Marshall, Frances
426 CLOSE-UP 4FXII Martinez, Daryl
427 CLOSE-UP Topper Martyn Seminar "1983" Martyn, Topper
428 CLOSE-UP Notes on the Magic of Frank Shields Matsuura, Gene
429 CLOSE-UP Square One Maven, Max
430 CLOSE-UP The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner Maxwell, Mike
431 CLOSE-UP The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings - Deluxe Edition Maxwell, Mike
432 CLOSE-UP A Clockwork Apple Mayhew, Chris
433 CLOSE-UP Changing the Face of Magic McBride, Jeff
434 CLOSE-UP Highly Mediocre Tricks McDonald, Peter
435 CLOSE-UP Tangled Web Mead, Eric
436 CLOSE-UP The Right Stuff: The Magic of Chris Kenner Mendoza, John F.
437 CLOSE-UP Sequel To The Mendoza Cups And Balls Routine Mendoza, John F.
438 CLOSE-UP The Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine Mendoza, John F.
439 CLOSE-UP The Mendoza Portfolio No. 1 Mendoza, John F.
440 CLOSE-UP John : Verse Two Mendoza, John F.
441 CLOSE-UP Formula One Close-Up Mendoza, John F.
442 CLOSE-UP The John F. Mendoza Lecture Mendoza, John F.
443 CLOSE-UP The Book of John Mendoza, John F.
444 CLOSE-UP Don't Stall, Stahl ! Mendoza, John F.
445 CLOSE-UP Jerry Mentzer - Second Lecture Mentzer, Jerry
446 CLOSE-UP Fechter: The Magic of Eddie Fechter Mentzer, Jerry
447 CLOSE-UP Magician Nitely: The Magic of Eddie Fechter Mentzer, Jerry
448 CLOSE-UP Close-Up File Mentzer, Jerry
449 CLOSE-UP Magic of Paul Harris, The Mentzer, Jerry
450 CLOSE-UP Magic with Credit Cards Mentzer, Jerry