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1 CLOSE-UP 100% Sankey Kaufman, Richard
2 CLOSE-UP 101 Easy-to-Learn Classic Magic Tricks Tarr, Bill
3 CLOSE-UP 13 Wilson, R. Paul
4 CLOSE-UP 13 Wilson, R. Paul
5 CLOSE-UP 1987 European Tour (Lecture Notes) Gertner, Paul
6 CLOSE-UP 2005 Lecture Notes Miller, Justin
7 CLOSE-UP 21 Himber Wallet Routines Baker, Ken
8 CLOSE-UP 300 Tricks You Can Do Thurston, Howard
9 CLOSE-UP 3D Rabbits by Magic by Gosh Ammar, Michael
10 CLOSE-UP 400 Fascinating Magic Tricks You Can Do Thurston, Howard
11 CLOSE-UP 4FXII Martinez, Daryl
12 CLOSE-UP 80's Called, The... They Want Their Magic Book Back - Volume One Friedman, Jonathan
13 CLOSE-UP A Clockwork Apple Mayhew, Chris
14 CLOSE-UP A Close-Up Kinda Guy Harris, Paul
15 CLOSE-UP A Magician Explains Ganson, Lewis
16 CLOSE-UP A Magician Goes To Dinner Joseph, Eddie
17 CLOSE-UP A Practical Lesson on Cups and Balls Joseph, Eddie
18 CLOSE-UP A Ray of Magic Ray, Jimmy
19 CLOSE-UP A Ray of Magic Ray, Jimmy
20 CLOSE-UP A Session Of Tricks, Tips And Patter Lorraine, Sid
21 CLOSE-UP A Sonata of Magic Pecore, Joe
22 CLOSE-UP A Tribute to Al Goshman Goshman, Albert
23 CLOSE-UP Abgezockt Zoller, Peps
24 CLOSE-UP Additional Deceptions from Derek Dingle: Lecture Notes No. 2 Dingle, Derek
25 CLOSE-UP Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls Joseph, Eddie
26 CLOSE-UP After the Dessert Gardner, Martin
27 CLOSE-UP AH-HA! Harkey, David
28 CLOSE-UP Al Schneider Magic Schneider, Al
29 CLOSE-UP Al Schneider on Close-Up Schneider, Al
30 CLOSE-UP Alfonso 2001 Alfonso
31 CLOSE-UP Alfonso in the Capital Alfonso
32 CLOSE-UP All In A Nutshell Garcia, Frank
33 CLOSE-UP Allerton, Bert: The Close Up Magician Parrish, Robert
34 CLOSE-UP Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups Berland, Samuel
35 CLOSE-UP Animated Miracles Mesika, Yigal
36 CLOSE-UP Animated Miracles Brahams, Anthony
37 CLOSE-UP Annemann's Buried Treasures Annemann, Theo
38 CLOSE-UP Another Close-Up Cavalcade Mentzer, Jerry
39 CLOSE-UP Apocalypse Volumes 1-5, Jan 1978/Dec 1982 Lorayne, Harry
40 CLOSE-UP Apocalypse Volumes 6-10, Jan 1983/Dec 1987 Lorayne, Harry
41 CLOSE-UP Apocalyse Volumes 11-15, Jan1988/Dec 1992 Lorayne, Harry
42 CLOSE-UP Apocalyse Volumes 16-20, Jan 1993/Dec 1997 Lorayne, Harry
43 CLOSE-UP Approaching Magic Regal, David
44 CLOSE-UP Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards Marlo, Edward
45 CLOSE-UP Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi, The Minch, Stephen
46 CLOSE-UP Art of Astonishment, The - Volume 1 Harris, Paul
47 CLOSE-UP Art of Astonishment, The - Volume 3 Harris, Paul
48 CLOSE-UP Art of Astonishment, Volume 2 Harris, Paul
49 CLOSE-UP Art of Close Up Magic, The - Volume 1 Ganson, Lewis
50 CLOSE-UP Ascanio's World of Knives de la Torre, Jose