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551 CLOSE-UP Magic of Ascanio, The - Volume 4: Ascanio's Knives and Color-Blindness Ascanio, Arturo de
552 CLOSE-UP Shampagne Jones, Lewis
553 CLOSE-UP Magic Gourmet, The Jones, Lewis
554 CLOSE-UP Magic of Rezvani, The Sardina, Maurice
555 CLOSE-UP Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 Miesel, William P.
556 CLOSE-UP More Power to You Acer, David
557 CLOSE-UP Tangled Web Mead, Eric
558 CLOSE-UP House of Cards Romano, Chuck
559 CLOSE-UP Magic from the Soul Lavand, René
560 CLOSE-UP Rara Avis - Sixty Years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis Brahams, Anthony
561 CLOSE-UP This Is Not a Book Neale, Robert E.
562 CLOSE-UP Folding Money Fooling Neale, Robert E.
563 CLOSE-UP Magic With Paper Severn, Bill
564 CLOSE-UP Rick Johnsson's Strike One - an impromptu miracle with matchboxes Mentzer, Jerry
565 CLOSE-UP Proudlock's Egg Bag and Four-Ace Presentations Bagshawe, Edward
566 CLOSE-UP Everything Is Funnier With Monkeys Dixon, Chris "Doc"
567 CLOSE-UP Das Camilo Seminar "81" Müller, Reinhard & Charly Miret
568 CLOSE-UP Monkeyshines - Volume One Dixon, Chris "Doc"
569 CLOSE-UP Lecture Your Mother Never Gave You, The Williams, Geoff
570 CLOSE-UP Neues vom alten Joro Erens, Oliver
571 CLOSE-UP Kleines Becherspiel Kompendium Joro
572 CLOSE-UP Spielerei mit Chips Liebenow, Erhard
573 CLOSE-UP Tricks with Chips Liebenow, Erhard
574 CLOSE-UP More Tricks with Chips Liebenow, Erhard
575 CLOSE-UP Encounters of the Close-Up Kind Fleshman, Dan
576 CLOSE-UP Timeless Magic Ellis, Tim
577 CLOSE-UP Stockholder, The Wilson, Gregory
578 CLOSE-UP Sawa's Library of Magic - Volume One Kaufman, Richard
579 CLOSE-UP Verbal Magic Tamariz, Juan and Gema Navarro
580 CLOSE-UP Magic World of Stewart Judah, The Judah, Stewart
581 CLOSE-UP Tony Spina's Twenty-Five Amazing Tricks with Your Secret Gimmick Munro, Mark
582 CLOSE-UP Sandslide Sands, George
583 CLOSE-UP George Sands Lecture Notes Sands, George
584 CLOSE-UP Tantalizing Thimbles Wiersbe, Warren
585 CLOSE-UP Magi Magic Sewell, Len. J.
586 CLOSE-UP Zauberhafte Minaturen Wiedemann, Christian
587 CLOSE-UP Al Schneider Magic Schneider, Al
588 CLOSE-UP Annemann's Buried Treasures Annemann, Theo
589 CLOSE-UP A Ray of Magic Ray, Jimmy
590 CLOSE-UP Designing Miracles Ortiz, Darwin
591 CLOSE-UP Sleights Hull, Burling
592 CLOSE-UP Magic of the Forks Hotel, The Malbrough, Jay
593 CLOSE-UP Ricardo's Intimate Secrets of Card Classics and Close-Up Magic Pemper, Frank
594 CLOSE-UP 13 Wilson, R. Paul
595 CLOSE-UP Colombini Farewell Tour 2011, The Colombini, Aldo and Rachel
596 CLOSE-UP React Colombini, Aldo
597 CLOSE-UP Octet Fulves, Karl
598 CLOSE-UP Kene's Variante Kane, Peter
599 CLOSE-UP Inside Magic Wilson, Gregory
600 CLOSE-UP Magician's Tricks: How They Are Done Hatton, Henry and Plate, Adrian