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101 CLOSE-UP Jos Bema - Lecture Wonder, Tommy
102 CLOSE-UP Wonder Material Wonder, Tommy
103 CLOSE-UP Meir Yedid's Incredible Close up Ouellet, Gary
104 CLOSE-UP Chop Cup Routine Alan, Don
105 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Time Alan, Don
106 CLOSE-UP Pretty Sneaky Alan, Don
107 CLOSE-UP The Experience of Magic Burger, Eugene
108 CLOSE-UP Growing in the Art of Magic Burger, Eugene
109 CLOSE-UP Magic and Meaning Expanded Burger, Eugene
110 CLOSE-UP Mastering the Art of Magic Burger, Eugene
111 CLOSE-UP The Performance of Close-Up Magic Burger, Eugene
112 CLOSE-UP Chicago Visions Burger, Eugene
113 CLOSE-UP Intimate Power Burger, Eugene
114 CLOSE-UP Audience Involvement (Lecture Notes) Burger, Eugene
115 CLOSE-UP International Lecture FISM ´88 Burger, Eugene
116 CLOSE-UP Four Ring Routine Haydn, Whit
117 CLOSE-UP Notes on Fast and Loose Haydn, Whit
118 CLOSE-UP Book of Secrets, The Carney, John
119 CLOSE-UP Carneycopia Carney, John
120 CLOSE-UP Uncovered Carney Carney, John
121 CLOSE-UP Carney Knowledge Carney, John
122 CLOSE-UP Carney Up Close Carney, John
123 CLOSE-UP Three Ball Routine Archer, Danny
124 CLOSE-UP FISM Madrid 1985 Goldstein, Phil
125 CLOSE-UP FISM '97 Lecture Notes Goldstein, Phil
126 CLOSE-UP Phil Goldstein Seminar Triberg 1988 Goldstein, Phil
127 CLOSE-UP Compositions of Conjuring; A Lecture on Natural Magic De Camps, Eric
128 CLOSE-UP Notions Goldstein, Phil
129 CLOSE-UP Lewis Ganson - Complete Routined Manipulation Ganson, Lewis
130 CLOSE-UP Fred Kaps - Fred Kaps Lecture Kaps, Fred
131 CLOSE-UP Don England's Paradox Kelly, Kevin
132 CLOSE-UP Jerry Mentzer - Second Lecture Mentzer, Jerry
133 CLOSE-UP For Your Eyes Only Williamson, David
134 CLOSE-UP David Williamson - Das goldene Becherspiel Williamson, David
135 CLOSE-UP Natural Selections Acer, David
136 CLOSE-UP DeSouza's DeCeptions Acer, David
137 CLOSE-UP Natural Selections Volume II Acer, David
138 CLOSE-UP Keys to the Kingdom Acer, David
139 CLOSE-UP Random Acts of Magic Acer, David
140 CLOSE-UP Library of Magic Volume 13: Egg Bag Behnke, Leo
141 CLOSE-UP Library of Magic Volume 02: Linking Rings Behnke, Leo
142 CLOSE-UP Library of Magic Volume 01: Rope Magic Behnke, Leo
143 CLOSE-UP Library of Magic Volume 09: Sponge Balls Behnke, Leo
144 CLOSE-UP Library of Magic Volume 14: Trick Decks Behnke, Leo
145 CLOSE-UP Thread Reference Behnke, Leo
146 CLOSE-UP Magic City Library of Magic Volume 8: Bill Tube Behnke, Leo
147 CLOSE-UP Best of Benzais, The Benzais, John
148 CLOSE-UP The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser Brown, Ed
149 CLOSE-UP Ascanio's World of Knives de la Torre, Jose
150 CLOSE-UP The Art of Artiface De Souza, Marc