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201 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Cavalcade Finale Mentzer, Jerry
202 CLOSE-UP Magic with Finger Rings Mentzer, Jerry
203 CLOSE-UP Eddie Fechter´s Dice Holdout Methods for Mag Mentzer, Jerry
204 CLOSE-UP Fork Full of Appetizers, Book 1: From Fechter's Finger Flick Miesel, William P.
205 CLOSE-UP Rink's Magic From Holland Miller, Hugh
206 CLOSE-UP The Secrets of Gambling Miller, Hugh
207 CLOSE-UP Slydini Encores Nathanson, Leon
208 CLOSE-UP Variations Nelson, Earl
209 CLOSE-UP The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks Ogden, Tom
210 CLOSE-UP Cups and Balls Magic Osborne, Tom
211 CLOSE-UP Close Up Illusions Ouellet, Gary
212 CLOSE-UP The Two Goblets Ouellet, Gary
213 CLOSE-UP Supershells Ouellet, Gary
214 CLOSE-UP Class Act, The Magic of Toni Binarelli Ouellet, Gary
215 CLOSE-UP Brain food Parr, David
216 CLOSE-UP Six Tricks by Tenkai Parrish, Robert
217 CLOSE-UP Allerton, Bert: The Close Up Magician Parrish, Robert
218 CLOSE-UP Magic By Gosh Goshman, Albert
219 CLOSE-UP A Tribute to Al Goshman Goshman, Albert
220 CLOSE-UP Seminar 1984 at Magic Hands Kongress Goshman, Albert
221 CLOSE-UP The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius Pierce, Lance
222 CLOSE-UP Lance Pierce, Roger Klause in Concert Pierce, Lance
223 CLOSE-UP Trevor Lewis - ESOLC (That's Close Up) Willmarth, Philip Reed
224 CLOSE-UP Jim Ryan Close-up One - Sensational Stunners Willmarth, Philip Reed
225 CLOSE-UP The Magic of Matt Schulien Willmarth, Philip Reed
226 CLOSE-UP James P. Ryan's Bar Magic (Lecture Notes) Willmarth, Philip Reed
227 CLOSE-UP Close Up & Personal Regal, David
228 CLOSE-UP Constant Fooling 1 Regal, David
229 CLOSE-UP Constant Fooling 2 Regal, David
230 CLOSE-UP The Complete Mike Rogers Rogers, Mike
231 CLOSE-UP Mike Rogers - The Unconquered Card Rogers, Mike
232 CLOSE-UP Theatrical Close-Up Samelson, Peter
233 CLOSE-UP Presto! Magic for the beginner Schindler, George
234 CLOSE-UP Meir Yedid's Close-Up Hallucinations Schindler, George
235 CLOSE-UP Zack Stacks Schindler, George
236 CLOSE-UP Sleightly Sensational Simon, Bill
237 CLOSE-UP The Magic Menu - The First Five Years Sisti, Jim
238 CLOSE-UP The Magic Menu - Years Six through Ten Sisti, Jim
239 CLOSE-UP 101 Easy-to-Learn Classic Magic Tricks Tarr, Bill
240 CLOSE-UP The Second Now You See It, Now You Don't! Tarr, Bill
241 CLOSE-UP Polished Polish Prestidigitation Thompson, John
242 CLOSE-UP Magic To Delight Thompson, Jr., J.G.
243 CLOSE-UP Top Secrets of Magic Thompson, Jr., J.G.
244 CLOSE-UP Top Secrets of Magic Volume 3 Thompson, Jr., J.G.
245 CLOSE-UP Top Secrets of Magic Volume 2 Thompson, Jr., J.G.
246 CLOSE-UP Close Up Magic of Dan Tong Tong, Dan
247 CLOSE-UP Magic of the Hands Victor, Edward
248 CLOSE-UP More Magic of the Hands Victor, Edward
249 CLOSE-UP Further Magic of the Hands Victor, Edward
250 CLOSE-UP My Rope Trick Victor, Edward