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251 CLOSE-UP Life Savers Weber, Michael
252 CLOSE-UP Michael Weber - Seminarheft 1985 Weber, Michael
253 CLOSE-UP Michael Weber - Elastische Sensationen Weber, Michael
254 CLOSE-UP Familiar Themes (More Alternate Handlings) Bennett, Horace
255 CLOSE-UP Bennett's Best Bennett, Horace
256 CLOSE-UP Bennett's Fourth Book Bennett, Horace
257 CLOSE-UP On Your Feet Bennett, Horace
258 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini, The Colombini, Aldo
259 CLOSE-UP Meistermagie aus Italien Colombini, Aldo
260 CLOSE-UP Encyclopedia of Paper Money Magic Bornstein, Mike
261 CLOSE-UP Knowing the Chop Cup (and Other One Cup One Ball Routines) Ayling, Will
262 CLOSE-UP Merrill's Knife Book Merrill, R.D.
263 CLOSE-UP The Sponge Book - How to Do Sponge Ball Tricks Marshall, Frances
264 CLOSE-UP How to Sell Magic Marshall, Frances
265 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 4 Marshall, Frances
266 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 3 Marshall, Frances
267 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 2 Marshall, Frances
268 CLOSE-UP Frances And Jay Marshall - The Success Book 1 Marshall, Frances
269 CLOSE-UP The Spring & Ring Book Leach, Chuck
270 CLOSE-UP Eclipse Wallet Leach, Chuck
271 CLOSE-UP Commercial Closeup Magic Lancaster, Lou
272 CLOSE-UP Curtain Call: The Final Lecture of Paul Diamond Diamond, Paul
273 CLOSE-UP Paul Diamond's Gambling Expose: "The Real Work" Diamond, Paul
274 CLOSE-UP Paul Diamond - Das Paul Diamond Seminar 1983 Diamond, Paul
275 CLOSE-UP Kort is Now in Session Kort, Milton
276 CLOSE-UP Off-Color Card Tricks Kort, Milton
277 CLOSE-UP Dick Koornwinder's Diverting Kreations (Part 1) Koornwinder, Dick
278 CLOSE-UP Ring Routine Featuring Klamm's Locking Key Klamm, B.C.
279 CLOSE-UP Three Color Changing Pen Knife (White - Black - Red) Dalal, Sam
280 CLOSE-UP Stars of Magic Starke, George
281 CLOSE-UP Cups Cups Cups Shute, Merlyn T.
282 CLOSE-UP How to Book of the Chop Cup, The Shute, Merlyn T.
283 CLOSE-UP Sponge Ball Magic Walsh, Audley
284 CLOSE-UP Dice Dexterity Walsh, Audley
285 CLOSE-UP Original Close Up Routines Rix, Claude
286 CLOSE-UP Simply Magic Votaw, Bob
287 CLOSE-UP Why Not? Smith, Chuck
288 CLOSE-UP The Magic of Folding Money Caruba, Bill
289 CLOSE-UP Wolfsberger's Chop Cup and Ball Routine Wolfsberger, Gary
290 CLOSE-UP Magic with a Steel Ball and Tube Sutz, Ian
291 CLOSE-UP Thimble Rigging Cohen, Al
292 CLOSE-UP The Best of Spell-Binder Collection One Tucker, Stephen
293 CLOSE-UP Stephen Tucker's Lecture 1987 Tucker, Stephen
294 CLOSE-UP Compendium Tucker, Stephen
295 CLOSE-UP The Shell Game Carroll, Harrison
296 CLOSE-UP Just Like Magic Pyka, John
297 CLOSE-UP Who is Joe Dudek? Malone, Bill
298 CLOSE-UP Loopy Loop, A Treatise on the Endless Chain Blake, George
299 CLOSE-UP Routines with the Himber Style Linking Finger Ring Blake, George
300 CLOSE-UP The Perfected Five Card Trick - George Blake Blake, George