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351 CLOSE-UP Magie Duvivier Racherbaumer, Jon
352 CLOSE-UP Sankey Unleashed Racherbaumer, Jon
353 CLOSE-UP When A Hat Drops Racherbaumer, Jon
354 CLOSE-UP Theatricks Goodwin, William
355 CLOSE-UP Picking The Carcass Clean Goodwin, William
356 CLOSE-UP Lecture 1988 Goodwin, William
357 CLOSE-UP Notes From The Batcave Goodwin, William
358 CLOSE-UP Mini Lecture Goodwin, William
359 CLOSE-UP Lecture 2 West, Larry
360 CLOSE-UP Lecture Book Kaps, Fred
361 CLOSE-UP The New York Magic Symposium Collection Two Kaufman, Richard
362 CLOSE-UP The Very Best Of Cups and Balls Garcia, Frank
363 CLOSE-UP Sponge Balls Garcia, Frank
364 CLOSE-UP All In A Nutshell Garcia, Frank
365 CLOSE-UP Magic by Garcia / Lecture 1954 Garcia, Frank
366 CLOSE-UP Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic Garcia, Frank
367 CLOSE-UP The Real Secrets of the Three-Ball Routines Garcia, Frank
368 CLOSE-UP Marked Cards and Loaded Dice Garcia, Frank
369 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia, The - Part II Garcia, Frank
370 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia, The - Part I Garcia, Frank
371 CLOSE-UP Book of Bar Amusements Charming, Cheryl
372 CLOSE-UP The Worlds best Simple Bar Tricks Lansky, Doug
373 CLOSE-UP French Pasteboards Bilis, Bernard
374 CLOSE-UP Close Up, French Style Bilis, Bernard
375 CLOSE-UP Secrets and Mysteries for the Close-Up Entertainer Burger, Eugene
376 CLOSE-UP Animated Miracles Brahams, Anthony
377 CLOSE-UP Fred Kaps' Cups and Balls Brahams, Anthony
378 CLOSE-UP Fred Kaps' Currency Brahams, Anthony
379 CLOSE-UP Finn Jon's Invisible Elastic Thread Jon, Finn
380 CLOSE-UP The Hundred Dollar Bill Switch Kozlowski, Mike
381 CLOSE-UP The Hindu Cups Joseph, Eddie
382 CLOSE-UP Eddie Joseph On... Cups & Balls Joseph, Eddie
383 CLOSE-UP Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls Joseph, Eddie
384 CLOSE-UP A Practical Lesson on Cups and Balls Joseph, Eddie
385 CLOSE-UP A Magician Goes To Dinner Joseph, Eddie
386 CLOSE-UP Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar Joseph, Eddie
387 CLOSE-UP Torn and restored Bill Joseph, Eddie
388 CLOSE-UP The Last Words on Cups and Balls Joseph, Eddie
389 CLOSE-UP The Chop Cup Book Wilson, Mark
390 CLOSE-UP Lecture Notes from Dominique Duvivier Duvivier, Dominique
391 CLOSE-UP The Magic of Matt Schulien Schulien, Matt
392 CLOSE-UP Divers Deceits Zavis, William
393 CLOSE-UP Minds in Close-Up Yates, Jack
394 CLOSE-UP Tricks For Travelling Tricksters de Courcy, Ken
395 CLOSE-UP Tricks with Chips de Courcy, Ken
396 CLOSE-UP Pin Points de Courcy, Ken
397 CLOSE-UP Creditable Magic / Magic With Credit Cards de Courcy, Ken
398 CLOSE-UP At The Drop Of A Match de Courcy, Ken
399 CLOSE-UP The British Close Up Magic Symposium - The First Decade Leveridge, Mark
400 CLOSE-UP It's So Simple Griffiths, Owen