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151 CARDS Further Flight 2.0 Racherbaumer, Jon
152 CARDS Good Turns 2.0 Racherbaumer, Jon
153 CARDS Grifty Business Racherbaumer, Jon
154 CARDS Synergistic Sandwitches 2.0 Racherbaumer, Jon
155 CARDS Think Ace Racherbaumer, Jon
156 CARDS Tri Psi Lecture Racherbaumer, Jon
157 CARDS Unlimited 3.0 Racherbaumer, Jon (Norm Osborne & Ed Marlo)
158 CARDS Who was Gombert and why should we care? Racherbaumer, Jon
159 CARDS Ladies on the loose Racherbaumer, Jon
160 CARDS Dreamwork - Minding the Mindreader's Dream Racherbaumer, Jon
161 CARDS Hyper-Twist Racherbaumer, Jon
162 CARDS Ascanio Spread, The Racherbaumer, Jon
163 CARDS A Treatise on the Sucker Effects of Three Card Monte Scarne, John
164 CARDS Scarne on Cards Scarne, John
165 CARDS Scarne's Tricks Scarne, John
166 CARDS Scarne on Card Tricks Scarne, John
167 CARDS Sonata Tamariz, Juan
168 CARDS Card Magic of Nick Trost, The Trost, Nick
169 CARDS Card Problems Trost, Nick
170 CARDS Impromptu Card Magic Trost, Nick
171 CARDS Gambling Tricks with Cards Part One Trost, Nick
172 CARDS Gambling Tricks with Cards Part Two Trost, Nick
173 CARDS Subtle Card Magic Part One Trost, Nick
174 CARDS Subtle Card Magic Part Two Trost, Nick
175 CARDS Cardman's Secrets Trost, Nick
176 CARDS Cardman's Secrets Vol. II Trost, Nick
177 CARDS 3 Pet Secrets Trost, Nick
178 CARDS 4-Ace Trix Trost, Nick
179 CARDS Card Pentro Trost, Nick
180 CARDS Challenge Poker Deal Trost, Nick
181 CARDS Close-Up Ace Routine Trost, Nick
182 CARDS Kings Royale Trost, Nick
183 CARDS Mental Fingertips Trost, Nick
184 CARDS Nick's Card Count Trost, Nick
185 CARDS Nick's "Quartett" Trost, Nick
186 CARDS Royal Rendezvous Trost, Nick
187 CARDS Triple Forecast Trost, Nick
188 CARDS X Marks The Spot Trost, Nick
189 CARDS Starke Effekte, einfach für jeden Trost, Nick
190 CARDS Nick Trost Folios Trost, Nick
191 CARDS Die Tricks der Spieler -Spielkarten Teil II Trost, Nick
192 CARDS Die Tricks der Spieler -Spielkarten Teil I Trost, Nick
193 CARDS Die Tricks der Spieler - Bauernfängereien Trost, Nick
194 CARDS Revelations Vernon, Dai
195 CARDS Petite Anthologie des tours de Cartes Automatiques - Tome 1 Vollmer, Richard
196 CARDS Complete Walton, The - Volume One Walton, Roy
197 CARDS Complete Walton, The - Volume Two Walton, Roy
198 CARDS Devil's Playthings, The Walton, Roy
199 CARDS Cardboard Charades Walton, Roy
200 CARDS Card Script Walton, Roy