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251 CARDS Trick Card Trickery Britland, David
252 CARDS 52 Lovers, Volume 2 Carroll, Jose
253 CARDS 52 Lovers, Volume 1 Carroll, Jose
254 CARDS Cervon File, The Cervon, Bruce
255 CARDS Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon: The Real Work Series #1 Cervon, Bruce
256 CARDS Ultra Cervon Cervon, Bruce
257 CARDS Black & White Trick, The Cervon, Bruce
258 CARDS Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes, The Cestkowski, Jerry
259 CARDS Direct Hits Colombini, Aldo
260 CARDS Mamma Mia Colombini, Aldo
261 CARDS Impromptu Card Magic Colombini, Aldo
262 CARDS What's Up Deck ? Colombini, Aldo
263 CARDS Cornelius Card System Cornelius, John
264 CARDS Commercial Card Magic Of Roger Crosthwaite, The Lees, Walt
265 CARDS Roger's Thesaurus Crosthwaite, Roger
266 CARDS Mindboggler Crosthwaite, Roger
267 CARDS Fusillade A Treatise on the Multiple Selection Routine Cummins, Paul W.
268 CARDS FASDIU II Cummins, Paul W.
269 CARDS FASDIU I - from a shuffled deck in use ... Cummins, Paul W.
270 CARDS Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond Curry, Paul
271 CARDS Special Effects Curry, Paul
272 CARDS Simply Miraculous Curry, Paul
273 CARDS Out of this World - and Beyond Curry, Paul
274 CARDS Think of a Card Curry, Paul
275 CARDS Bottom Collectors, The Cyprian, Father
276 CARDS Father Cyprian's Lecture Notes # 11 Cyprian, Father
277 CARDS Contemporary Card Magic Duffie, Peter
278 CARDS Card Conspiracy Vol. 1 Duffie, Peter
279 CARDS Duffie's Card Compulsions Duffie, Peter
280 CARDS Cardeceits Duffie, Peter
281 CARDS Covert Concepts Duffie, Peter
282 CARDS Hidden Agenda Duffie, Peter
283 CARDS Cards By All Means Duffie, Peter
284 CARDS 21 Card Tricks Duffie, Peter
285 CARDS Area 52 Duffie, Peter
286 CARDS Card Addict Duffie, Peter
287 CARDS Card Selection Duffie, Peter
288 CARDS Card Flair Duffie, Peter
289 CARDS Cards in Principle Duffie, Peter
290 CARDS Cards Insight Duffie, Peter
291 CARDS Deck Direct Duffie, Peter
292 CARDS Method in Effect Duffie, Peter
293 CARDS N.D.E. Duffie, Peter
294 CARDS New Inspirations Duffie, Peter
295 CARDS Ulterior Motifs Duffie, Peter
296 CARDS Peter Duffie with Cards Duffie, Peter
297 CARDS Card School Duffie, Peter
298 CARDS Untold Duffie, Peter
299 CARDS Move Mastery 1 Duffie, Peter
300 CARDS Open Secrets Duffie, Peter