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# Title Author Categories Has new content
1 Ackerman 2004 Ackerman, Allan CARDS
2 Meir Yedid's Card Animations Lorayne, Harry CARDS
3 3 Pet Secrets Trost, Nick CARDS
4 Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic Ganson, Lewis CARDS
5 Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic Ganson, Lewis CARDS
6 Zingone's Recorded Card Tricks Zingone, Luis CARDS
7 Ten new Sleight of Hand Card Tricks Jordan, Charles T. CARDS
8 Complete Card Linking, The Beme, Sixten CARDS
9 Magic of Francis Carlyle, The Pierre, Roger CARDS
10 Auserlesene Kartenkunststücke Meerberg, Adolf von CARDS
11 Miguel Puga Seminar Leverkusen 2002 Puga, Miguel CARDS
12 Card Top Twenties Winkler, Gerhard CARDS
13 Body Language Harkey, David CLOSE-UP
14 The Second Now You See It, Now You Don't! Tarr, Bill CLOSE-UP
15 Zündende Streicholztricks Braunmüller, Rudolf CLOSE-UP
16 Das Rudolf Braunmüller Seminar III 1986 Braunmüller, Rudolf CLOSE-UP
17 Watch This One! A collection of choice magical effects with Bobo, J.B. COINS
18 Tips on Tricks Christopher, Milbourne GENERAL MAGIC
19 The Hindu Thread Trick often referred to as The Gypsy Thread Ganson, Lewis GENERAL MAGIC
20 Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings Ganson, Lewis GENERAL MAGIC
21 La Prestidigitation Facile avec le Cours Magica (FR) Veno, Robert GENERAL MAGIC
22 Rings In Your Fingers Fitzkee, Dariel GENERAL MAGIC
23 Book One Baker, Al GENERAL MAGIC
24 How To Do Rope Tricks - The Expanded Edition Denhard, Harold GENERAL MAGIC
25 Flash Paper Tips Read, Ralph W. and Stuart Robson GENERAL MAGIC
26 Collected Tricks Jordan, Charles T. GENERAL MAGIC
27 Bunkum Entertainments Ganthony, Robert GENERAL MAGIC
28 Langeweile klein geschrieben Sperling, Walter GENERAL MAGIC
29 These are a Few of My Favorite Things Bloch, Richard GENERAL MAGIC
30 Wittus Witt - Zauberkästen Witt, Wittus HISTORY AND THEORY
31 Die 4. Dimension Allan, Albin HISTORY AND THEORY
32 Cortini Höller, Hannes & Wittus Witt HISTORY AND THEORY
33 Hypnosis Braco (Ralf Wichmann) & Lesley, Ted MENTALISM and BIZARRE MAGICK
34 Bring Out The Magic in Your Mind Koran, Al MENTALISM and BIZARRE MAGICK
35 Dewey's Gospel Clown Skits #1 Dewey, Ralph RELATED ARTS
36 New Frontiers of the Mind Rhine, Dr. J. B. RELATED ARTS