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1 Expert at the Card Table, The Erdnase, S.W. CARDS
2 Exclusive Card Secrets Garcia, Frank CARDS
3 Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian, The Garcia, Frank CARDS
4 Lecture Notes (1978) Garcia, Frank CARDS
5 Exclusive Card Miracles Garcia, Frank CARDS
6 Don't Bet on It Garcia, Frank CARDS
7 Wild Card Miracles Garcia, Frank CARDS
8 Lecture Notes No.1 - 1973 Garcia, Frank CARDS
9 Expert Card Technique Hugard, Jean and Fred Braue CARDS
10 Royal Road to Card Magic Hugard, Jean and Fred Braue CARDS
11 Starke Effekte, einfach für jeden Trost, Nick CARDS
12 Nick Trost Folios Trost, Nick CARDS
13 Royal Road To Card Magic, The Braue, Frederick CARDS
14 Bottom Collectors, The Cyprian, Father CARDS
15 Father Cyprian's Lecture Notes # 11 Cyprian, Father CARDS
16 Ricardo's Card Artifice Pemper, Frank CARDS
17 Versatile Card Magic Simon, Frank CARDS
18 Tricks Of My Trade - The Magic of Doug Conn Cummins, Paul W. CARDS
19 Kartenkunststücke Frankini, Th. CARDS
20 Hidden in Plain Sight Charles, Kirk & Boris Wild CARDS
21 Twenty-five Entertaining Card Tricks Van Zandt, W.F. CARDS
22 Bill Woodfield's Gambling and Magic Notes Csuri, Frank CARDS
23 The Fine Art of Magic Kaplan, George CLOSE-UP
24 Fr. Cyprian invites you to Stand Up Close Cyprian, Father CLOSE-UP
25 The Color Changing Pocketknives York, Scotty CLOSE-UP
26 The Very Best Of Cups and Balls Garcia, Frank CLOSE-UP
27 Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic Garcia, Frank CLOSE-UP
28 The Real Secrets of the Three-Ball Routines Garcia, Frank CLOSE-UP
29 Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia, The - Part II Garcia, Frank CLOSE-UP
30 Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia, The - Part I Garcia, Frank CLOSE-UP
31 Cups & Balls. A Treatise on the World's Oldest Deception Fajuri, Gabe CLOSE-UP
32 Ricardo's Intimate Secrets of Card Classics and Close-Up Magic Pemper, Frank CLOSE-UP
33 Magic Tricks, Science Facts Friedhoffer, Bob GENERAL MAGIC
34 Magic: 100 New Tricks Elliott, Bruce GENERAL MAGIC
35 Professional Magic Made Easy Elliott, Bruce GENERAL MAGIC
36 Jim Steinmeyer - The Magic of Alan Wakeling Steinmeyer, Jim GENERAL MAGIC
37 Flip - Ein Einblick in the Filp Experience Hallema, Flip GENERAL MAGIC
38 Flip Quick Trik Strip Hallema, Flip GENERAL MAGIC
39 Flip Strips Hallema, Flip GENERAL MAGIC
40 Flip-pical Ideas Hallema, Flip GENERAL MAGIC
41 Flip-Some Manuscriptricks Hallema, Flip GENERAL MAGIC
42 Paper Fl!p Hallema, Flip GENERAL MAGIC
43 Fell's Beginner's Guide to Magic Gibson, Walter B. GENERAL MAGIC
44 Houdini's Escapes and Magic Gibson, Walter B. GENERAL MAGIC
45 A Conjuring Melange Collins, Stanley GENERAL MAGIC
46 Zauber-Künste Janzowski, Willibald GENERAL MAGIC
47 J. N. Hofzinser Zauberkünste Fischer, Ottokar GENERAL MAGIC
48 Ich lerne zaubern Sperling, Walter GENERAL MAGIC
49 Der Lustige Gesellschafter Oderich, F. GENERAL MAGIC
50 Professor Knickrichs Abenteu Mala, Matthias / Gabriel Nemeth GENERAL MAGIC