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1 Here's My Card Ackerman, Allan CARDS
2 Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups Fulves, Karl CARDS
3 A Treatise on the Sucker Effects of Three Card Monte Scarne, John CARDS
4 Classic Tackler Goldstein, Phil CARDS
5 More Magic Hoffmann, Professor CARDS
6 Quartet Hollingworth, Guy CARDS
7 Phantom of the Card Table, The McGuire, Eddie CARDS
8 Sealed Surprise Schindler, George CARDS
9 Modern Card Tricks and Secrets of Magic Blackstone, Harry CARDS
10 Best of Osmosis McBride, George CARDS
11 Some Card Effects and Magical Talks DeLawrence, Geo CARDS
12 Pick A Card - Any Card? Fajuri, Gabe CARDS
13 400 Fascinating Magic Tricks You Can Do Thurston, Howard CARDS
14 101 Tricks with the Gambler's Marked Deck Dondrake CARDS
15 Best of British, The Roy, Fergus CARDS
16 John Scarne Explains Why You Can't Win Walsh, Audley V. CARDS
17 Gary Plants Lecture Notes - The Second Super Session: Dallas, Texas - March 28, 2004 Plants, Gary CARDS
18 Gary Plants Lecture Notes - Honolulu, Hawaii (10-5-2011) Plants, Gary CARDS
19 Master Key and Run-Up Systems No Author CARDS
20 Advanced Card Magic Albright, Howard P. CARDS
21 Text-Book of Magic, A Elbiquet CARDS
22 Magica Analytica Barnowsky, Larry CARDS
23 Thanks to Leipzig Farelli, Victor CARDS
24 Applesauce Redford, Patrick G. CARDS
25 The Bunko Book Gibson, Walter B. CLOSE-UP
26 For Your Eyes Only Williamson, David CLOSE-UP
27 Ramsay Legend, The Galloway, Andrew CLOSE-UP
28 The Mendoza Portfolio No. 1 Mendoza, John F. CLOSE-UP
29 Classic Color Changing Knives and Paddle Routines Frank, Gary CLOSE-UP
30 The Magic Book, The Complete Beginner's Guide... Lorayne, Harry CLOSE-UP
31 Divers Deceits Zavis, William CLOSE-UP
32 Al Schneider on Close-Up Schneider, Al CLOSE-UP
33 Fingertip Fantasies Ostin, Bob CLOSE-UP
34 Club Act of Magic Annemann, Theodore CLOSE-UP
35 Confessions of an Italian Magician Livera, Giovanni CLOSE-UP
36 Mixed Magic 3 Winkler, Gerhard CLOSE-UP
37 Mixed Magic 2 Winkler, Gerhard CLOSE-UP
38 Mixed Magic Winkler, Gerhard CLOSE-UP
39 Lecture Your Mother Never Gave You, The Williams, Geoff CLOSE-UP
40 Sandslide Sands, George CLOSE-UP
41 George Sands Lecture Notes Sands, George CLOSE-UP
42 Magi Magic Sewell, Len. J. CLOSE-UP
43 Inside Magic Wilson, Gregory CLOSE-UP
44 Stuff That Violates My Parole But I Do Anyway Because It Gets Such A Good Reaction Williams, Geoff CLOSE-UP
45 Now You See Them, Now You Don't Weimer, Bill CLOSE-UP
46 Principles and Deceptions Buckley, Arthur COINS
47 Convincing Coin Magic Farelli, Victor COINS
48 21st Century Coin Mechanics Barnowsky, Larry COINS
49 Modern Magic Hoffmann, Professor GENERAL MAGIC
50 Gene Anderson - Der Teilzeitprofi Anderson, Gene GENERAL MAGIC