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1 Faro & Riffle Technique Fulves, Karl CARDS
2 Mexican Monte And Other Tricks Fulves, Karl CARDS
3 My Favourite Card Tricks Lorayne, Harry CARDS
4 Afterthoughts Lorayne, Harry CARDS
5 Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields, The Racherbaumer, Jon CARDS
6 Impromptu Card Magic Trost, Nick CARDS
7 Subtle Card Magic Part One Trost, Nick CARDS
8 Subtle Card Magic Part Two Trost, Nick CARDS
9 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks I Beam, Steve CARDS
10 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks II Beam, Steve CARDS
11 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III Beam, Steve CARDS
12 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks IV Beam, Steve CARDS
13 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks V Beam, Steve CARDS
14 Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes, The Cestkowski, Jerry CARDS
15 Dai Vernon's Ultimate Card Secrets Ganson, Lewis CARDS
16 Immaculate Connection, The Harris, Paul CARDS
17 Means & Ends Hartman, J.K. CARDS
18 Card Fare Hartman, J.K. CARDS
19 Chicago Surprise, The Haydn, Whit CARDS
20 Let's see the deck Marlo, Edward CARDS
21 Don England's TKO's: Technical Knock Outs Mendoza, John CARDS
22 Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" Minch, Stephen CARDS
23 Imagication Murphy, T.G. CARDS
24 Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals Simon, Bill CARDS
25 Rainbow Deck, The Wakeman, Randy CARDS
26 Bro. John Hamman's Seven Deadly Miracles Minch, Stephen CARDS
27 What Next! Tucker, Tommy CARDS
28 75 Tricks with a Svengali Deck Stevenson, Al CARDS
29 Meir Yedid -Meir Yedid Seminar 1991 Yedid, Meir CARDS
30 Hypercard Project, The Frame, Tom CARDS
31 Cardmania Edwards, Doug CARDS
32 Shadow and Other Card Mysteries, The Anderson, Harry CARDS
33 Harry Green says You are a Magician Green, Harry CARDS
34 Card Magic of Edward G. Brown, The Hall, Trevor H. CARDS
35 Book of Card Tricks, The Kunard, Professor R. CARDS
36 Card Mastery MacDougall, Michael CARDS
37 New Wave Close-Up Hierling, Thomas CARDS
38 First there was a dream Hierling, Thomas CARDS
39 Succes met Kaarten deel 3 No Author CARDS
40 MARNAC - Sie Haben die wahl Marnac CARDS
41 Arcardia Crosthwaite, Roger CARDS
42 Rara Avis - Sixty Years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis Brahams, Anthony CARDS
43 Best Of All Worlds Geris, Brent Arthur James CARDS
44 Open Prediction Project, The Baxter, Thomas CARDS
45 Annemann's Card Mysteries - formerly titled The Cabinet of Card Mysteries Annemann, Theo CARDS
46 Sleights Hull, Burling CARDS
47 Counter Attack Steve Beam CARDS
48 Modern Card Effects and How To Perform Them deLawrence, George and Thompson, James "Kater" CARDS
49 Wrinkles Bailey, Willson S. and Osborne, Harold A. CARDS
50 Tricks of To-Day Yelma CARDS