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1 Cards as Weapons Jay, Ricky CARDS
2 Commercial Card Magic Of Roger Crosthwaite, The Lees, Walt CARDS
3 Visible Magic Verrall, Wass CARDS
4 Above Suspicion Yates, Jack CARDS
5 Encyclopedia of Impromptu Card Forces Jones, Lewis CARDS
6 Cannibal Act, The Lees, Walt CARDS
7 Commercial Card Magic of Roger Crosthwaite, The Lees, Walt CARDS
8 Walt Lees- The Commercial Card Magic of Roger Chrosthwaite Lees, Walt CARDS
9 Walt Lees- The Cannibal Act Lees, Walt CARDS
10 Walt Lees- Four Professional Card Tricks Lees, Walt CARDS
11 Das Geheimnis des Hexenringes Mansfeld, Werner CARDS
12 Look No Hands Dobson, Wayne CARDS
13 A Book in English Aragón, Woody CARDS
14 Kreationen Moser, Wolfgang CARDS
15 Unbelievable Yanagida, Masahiro CARDS
16 Out Of Art Wonder Man Fred CARDS
17 Siebenundzwanzig Null Vier Wonder Man Fred CARDS
18 Impostress Princess Expanded, The Tappan, Peter W. and Phil Willmarth CARDS
19 Complete Mojo, The James, Wesley CARDS
20 Notebook, The Houstoun, Will CARDS
21 Out With The New, In With The Old Houstoun, Will CARDS
22 James P. Ryan's Bar Magic (Lecture Notes) Willmarth, Philip Reed CLOSE-UP
23 The 24 Hour Happy Hour Magician Landers, Woody CLOSE-UP
24 Close-Up Ring-Seil-Routine Wessel, Willi CLOSE-UP
25 Geld Her! Werry CLOSE-UP
26 Spielerei mit Chips Liebenow, Erhard CLOSE-UP
27 Patrick Page - Tricks with Coins Page, Patrick COINS
28 The Big Book of Magic Page, Patrick GENERAL MAGIC
29 Tricks and Illusions Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
30 Annual of Magic 1915-16 Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
31 Magician Annual 1907-8 Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
32 Magician Annual 1908-9 Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
33 Magician Annual 1909-10 Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
34 Paper Tricks Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
35 More Tricks and Puzzles Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
36 Tricks That Mystify Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
37 Easy Magic With Patter Part Two Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
38 The Young Conjurer Part 2 Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
39 The Young Conjurer Part 1 Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
40 Tricks You Should Know Goldston, Will GENERAL MAGIC
41 Westminster Wizardry Montague, Frederick GENERAL MAGIC
42 The Art of Modern Conjuring Anonymous GENERAL MAGIC
43 The Boy´s Book of Conjuring Stone, Eugene GENERAL MAGIC
44 Die Supreme Manuskript-Serie No Author GENERAL MAGIC
45 Das Warren Stephens Seminar 1981 Stephens, Warren GENERAL MAGIC
46 Magie? Werry GENERAL MAGIC
47 Das Wizardo Seminar Wizardo GENERAL MAGIC
48 Secret Service Grant, U.F. GENERAL MAGIC
49 Das Spiel mit den Ringen Stähle, Werner GENERAL MAGIC
50 Impossibilities 1999 Lesley, Ted GENERAL MAGIC