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How Gamblers Win

Evans, Gerritt M.

The Mysterious Gambler

Whaley, Bart

Marlo On Erdnase

Racherbaumer, Jon

Magic of Ishii Black

Black, Ishii

Magic and Showmanship for Teachers

McCormack, Alan J.

Fetsching Magic - The Life and Legacy of "Hen" Fetsch

Spencer, Robert Kirkwood

Timeless Magic

Ellis, Tim

Entertaining on a Cruise Ship

Romhany, Paul

The most comprehensive book ever produced for entertainers who want to work in the cruise ship industry. No stone is left unturned as Paul shares the inside secrets in to becoming a guest entertainer on board a high-end luxury cruise liner, and all the inside information you will need to secure an amazing job like this.

the Cruise Magician's Handbook

Becker, Fred

A comprehensive book on this unique field of entertainment written by an experienced cruise ship magician. Contents include First Things First, Getting Booked, The Money, Money Extras, Negotiations and Contracts, What to Bring, Life at Sea, The Rating System, Technical Aspects, Structuring Your Act, Using Assistants, Tales from the Sea, Taking Care of Business, Travel Nightmares, etc. Also included are great contact information for cruise lines, case manufacturers, riverboats, consulates, airlines, etc. plus a bibliography of business and magic books that will assist you in your performing.

Foundations : The Art of Staging Magic

Riese, Eberhard

Although the art of magic does not only consist of tricks and technique, roughly 99% of all magic books mainly deal with these topics. "New" tricks, techniques and moves, those seen by the lay audience, upstage all the other, behind the scenes, backstage elements, which are equally if not more important to a successful presentation.

And those important foundations are exactly what the current new publication of the German Sic! Publishing company sets forth.

Scripting Magic

McCabe, Pete

Pete McCabe and 26 other guys show you the art of scripting magic. Includes 45 scripts, 13 essays, 7 interviews, and 1 flowchart to make you a better magician.

Contributing magicians include:
•Michael Ammar
•Jon Armstrong
•Bruce Barnett
•Rafael Benatar
•Eugene Burger
•Michael Close
•Bob Farmer
•Paul Green
•Eric Henning
•Guy Hollingworth
•Larry Jennings
•Mark Joerger
•Kenton Knepper
•Jonathan Levit
•John Lovick
•Max Maven
•Eric Mead
•Sean O'neill
•Gary Ouellet
•David Regal
•Jim Steinmeyer
•Vic Sussman
•Jamy Ian Swiss
•Joe M Turner

Magic Mirror, The

Robert Neale

The Magic Mirror is Robert E. Neale's newest exploration into the innermost workings of performance magic, filtered through the professional sensibilities of co-author David Parr. Dr. Neale insightfully identifies the many kinds of magic, in theatrical, historical and social contexts. From this foundation, he creates a method for classifying magical effects by their psychological roots. Using this system the reader can readily determine the underlying emotional content of an effect and build a powerful presentation around it.

Secret Art of Magic, The

Evans, Eric & Nowlin Craver

The Secret Art of Magic is comprised of two sections, essentially two books: "Street Magic & The Art of War" and "The Secret Art of Dispersion." Separate, yet inextricably linked by the paradigm of ancient war strategy.

Corporate Presentations

Behnke, Leo

If your intention is to earn a living from magic, then corporate events are your best chance to succeed. Simply stated, they pay more and can often lead to repeat bookings by the same firms. But do you know how to entertain during a press party, an awards dinner or a fashion show? And what about trade show booths?

Leo Behnke has decades of experience in the corporate entertainment world and shares it with you in this ebook. This is extremely valuable advice you are getting from a pro who has done it all - TV, Magic Castle, trade shows, ...

Beyond Deception

Tobias Beckwith

In Beyond Deception, Tobias Beckwith offers ideas and techniques which performers at all levels can use to create truly original and personalized magic. Drawing on long experience directing and observing world class performers of all kinds, Beckwith has drawn together not only fascinating theories about how a performer creates, but a series of sure-fire techniques and exercises guaranteed to jumpstart each magicians creative process.

Art and Artifice

Jim Steinmeyer

From the author of Hiding the Elephant and The Glorious Deception comes a collection of five essays that shows how the great stage illusions were integrally products of their time, based on the traditions and fashions of the people, and the offspring of the incredible, inventive personalities who brought them to the stage. Like no other author, Jim Steinmeyer gives us insight into the timeless appeal of magic. His human subjects include such characters as Steele MacKaye, Maskelyne, David Devant, P.T. Selbit, Horace Goldin, and Charles Morritt.

Blackstone - A Magician's Life

Waldron, Daniel

A La Conquête Du Cinématographe Georges Mélies

Dupuy, Julien

Durée :
84 mn
Réalisation :
Georges Méliès

Casting :
André Dussollier
Cinéaste adepte de l'illusion, de l'artifice et de la magie, très marqué par son passé d'homme de théâtre, il est avant tout le créateur du «spectacle cinématographique», à l'époque où les frères Lumière travaillent à l'enregistrement de la «réalité». 29 films sont réunis ici pour découvrir l'étendue du talent et de l'ingéniosité du précurseur des effets spéciaux, mais surtout d'un conteur en avance sur son temps.

Sortie en salle :
Sortie en COFFRET DVD :

Complete Life of Howard Franklin Thurston, The - Volume 2

Olson, Robert E.

Volume 2 of a two volume set. Page numbers and chapter headings pick up from where volume 1 leaves off.

Our Life of Magic

Thurston, Howard and Jane Thurston Shepard

First printing copyright 1929 by Dorrance & Company, Inc.

Second Printing copyright 1989 by Phil Temple

Second printing of Howard Thurston's "My Life of Magic" has been enhanced with original artwork and additional, unpublished photos from the magic memorabilia collections of Phil Temple and Byron Walker.

St. George's Hall

Davenport, Anne & John Salisse

The Genius of Robert Harbin

Lewis, Eric

Tales From The Uncanny Scot

Wilson, Ron

Buatier de Kolta - Genius of Illusion

Warlock, Peter

Magic 1400s - 1950s

Caveney, Jay, Steinmeyer

Magic. 1400s–1950s
Mike Caveney, Jim Steinmeyer, Ricky Jay, Noel Daniel
Hardcover, 29 x 44 cm, 650 pages, € 150
ISBN 978-3-8365-0977-0
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

Illusion, enchantment, and wonder
The world’s greatest magicians from the Middle Ages through the 1950s

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