Counting On Deception / Barnowsky, Larry / GENERAL MAGIC

Barnowsky, Larry

Counting on Deception is a collection of original magic designed to astonish your audience without having to rely on difficult sleight of hand. Many of the effects depend on subtle mathematical principles which operate invisibly in the background. You'll find magic with cards, coins, balls, salt, cups, predictions, crayons, an abacus, The Periodic Table and much more.

This book is printed on #80 weight gloss enamel paper, with cloth or optional leather binding, four color dust jacket, and colored end papers. 44 chapters, 256 pages of text, and over 400 b/w sharp photos make learning easy. The quality of printing is the same as found in The Book of Destiny and Kingdom of the Red.

Descriptions of a few chapters:

With Nine Shuffle Paradox, even though you and your spectator shuffle the cards nine different ways, the blacks and reds become completely sorted.

At every point in the Fifteen Card Poker Deal the spectator gets to cut and help mix the cards, yet at the end the magician deals a royal flush.

With Impromptu Pascal’s Pyramid Prediction after a deck is fairly shuffled, ten consecutive cards are used to create the base of an addition pyramid. The calculated sum at the apex is found to exactly match a sealed prediction.

Underhanded Deception is a double prediction effect where the spectator deals face-up and face-
down cards under the table to the magician, yet the magician correctly predicts the number of face-up cards and gets all four aces.

Perform Mind Reading Cards and you’ll automatically know what number your spectator is thinking of.

After a famous year in history is chosen, the predicted date magically appears as numbers on an
abacus in Abracadabacus.

Amaze them with The 39th Card where the spectator fairly cuts the deck and chooses six cards in the fairest manner. The sum of those cards is used to count to a card in a second deck which matches a sealed prediction.

The spectator chooses one of 16 colored crayons and one of eight cards containing the outline of
different objects. After they color in the object on the chosen card, they open a prediction showing the same drawing in the same color. It’s easily done with Crayola Payola.

Four For Sure is a favorite impromptu effect where a pair is removed from a shuffled deck and the
spectator magically finds the mates himself.

In Undercover Queen the spectator tries to find an English Penny under one of three cards only to
discover that it’s gone and a half dollar is now under each card.

The spectator sorts pairs of face-down cards into pairs that he guesses will match in color and those
that will not match. Despite the free choices made, his guesses turn out to be 100% correct with The
Match Game.

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