Impromptu / Gardner, Martin / CLOSE-UP / GENERAL MAGIC

Gardner, Martin

Todd Karr's long-awaited reprint of the Martin Gardner classic.

864 pages
40-page color section
Completely new layout
More than 1700 effects and stunts
1200 extra items compiled by Gardner
Over 2600 illustrations, including 900 explanatory drawings
Gardner’s notes and annotations
40 Gardner letters
Early Gardner magic booklets
Hundreds of vintage illustrations
Interviews with Martin Gardner
Essay on the history of impromptu magic
Spellbinding cover by the legendary STERANKO
New introduction by Gardner
Essays by Teller, John Fisher, and Mark Setteducati
Categorized and indexed for easy access
Printed on luxurious matte-finish acid-free paper
Hardbound and Smyth-sewn

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