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Quality Magic - Theo "Okito" Bamberg

Review by WorldOfNoReality » Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:01 am at TALKMAGIC.CO.UK

This is by far, one of my favourite books. To my knowledge, many people aren't familiar with this. This is a book designed for all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. It contains effects intended for street magic to parlour/grand illusions. This is a book for someone who is either starting in magic and not sure what to pursue since it has a little bit of everything. It does not include fire magic nor levitations. Many of these tricks were used in the earlier times yet they're all seen today. The only difference is the magician isn't wearing a tuxedo with a curly mustache and white fancy gloves.

These are the following groups or styles of magic found in this book:
Thimble Magic
Coin Magic
Billiard Ball Magic
Card Magic
Cigar Magic
Parlour Magic/Grand Illusions

This book not only describes methods and effects of the tricks, it also has the necessary gimmicks for the tricks as well as any sleights for them.

It has very detailed pictures, not 1 or 2 pictures per effect. There are sequences of at least 4 or more large drawings in each effect. The written parts are very detailed, written clearly and not jumping to the end. It progresses slowly with appropriate diagram references.

For visual learners, either by pictures or text, this is wonderful.

The only set-back is that it doesn't describe costs for materials but it was written in a time when the currency was different, so it's understandable.

The recommended part for advanced magicians is the area in the book titled "Big Effect", commonly known as parlour or grand illusions. Gimmicks take a lot of work and understanding of illusions. The rest, is appropriate for anyone.

To ensure you don't waste time on an effect you cannot do, it describes the effect sometimes with diagrams. If you detest it, move on. If you like it, then the next area called method summarizes quickly the method. If it's too complex, move on. If it's suitable, read further and it describes it nicely and slowly.

9/10 - has a little bit of everything. It lacks fire magic and levitations, which are popular in magic forever.

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