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Author: Friedhoffer, Bob
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101 Friedhoffer, Bob Magic Tricks, Science Facts GENERAL MAGIC
102 Friedhoffer, Bob The Magic Show GENERAL MAGIC
103 Friedhoffer, Bob How to haunt a house for Halloween GENERAL MAGIC
Author: Friedman, Jonathan
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104 Friedman, Jonathan 80's Called, The... They Want Their Magic Book Back - Volume One CLOSE-UP
Author: Friedrich, Hanns
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105 Friedrich, Hanns Kartenzauber ohne Fingerfertigkeit CARDS
106 Friedrich, Hanns Die Kunst mit Karten zu zaubern CARDS
107 Friedrich, Hanns Der verhexte Tisch GENERAL MAGIC
Author: Fromer, Roy
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108 Fromer, Roy The Cups, A Manual of Cups and Balls Magic CLOSE-UP
Author: Frost, Ron
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109 Frost, Ron After The Force CARDS
Author: Frost, Thomas
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110 Frost, Thomas The Lives of The Conjurors HISTORY AND THEORY
Author: Fulves, Karl
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111 Fulves, Karl Self-Working Card Tricks CARDS
112 Fulves, Karl Packet Switches (Part 3)-The Harvey Rosenthal Card Switches CARDS
113 Fulves, Karl Riffle Shuffle Technique CARDS
114 Fulves, Karl Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks CARDS
115 Fulves, Karl Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups CARDS
116 Fulves, Karl More Self-Working Card Tricks CARDS
117 Fulves, Karl Packet Switches (Part 1) CARDS
118 Fulves, Karl Packet Switches (Part 2) CARDS
119 Fulves, Karl Packet Switches (Part 4) - The Gene Maze Card Switches CARDS
120 Fulves, Karl Transpo Trix CARDS
121 Fulves, Karl Methods With Cards (Part Three) CARDS
122 Fulves, Karl Faro & Riffle Technique CARDS
123 Fulves, Karl Hofzinser Notebook CARDS
124 Fulves, Karl New Self-Working Card Tricks CARDS
125 Fulves, Karl Gambler's Third Lesson CARDS
126 Fulves, Karl Setting Up Exercises CARDS
127 Fulves, Karl Riffle Shuffle Controls - Part Two: Blocking Off CARDS
128 Fulves, Karl Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic CARDS
129 Fulves, Karl Packet Switches (Part Five) CARDS
130 Fulves, Karl Mexican Monte And Other Tricks CARDS
131 Fulves, Karl Kannibal Kards CARDS
132 Fulves, Karl Cards # 1 - Four-Card Brainwave CARDS
133 Fulves, Karl Octet CARDS
134 Fulves, Karl Teleportation Notes CARDS
135 Fulves, Karl Secret Session - Part One CARDS
136 Fulves, Karl Secret Session - Part Two CARDS
137 Fulves, Karl Secret Session - Part Three CARDS
138 Fulves, Karl Covenant CARDS
139 Fulves, Karl After Jordan CARDS
140 Fulves, Karl Hardcore Aces CARDS
141 Fulves, Karl Hocus Poker CARDS
142 Fulves, Karl Deceptive Practices CARDS
143 Fulves, Karl Under Tension CARDS
144 Fulves, Karl Vampire Chronicles, The CARDS
145 Fulves, Karl Vampire Papers, The CARDS
146 Fulves, Karl Magic Thrust, The CARDS
147 Fulves, Karl 28 Card Tricks CARDS
148 Fulves, Karl Shape Changers CARDS
149 Fulves, Karl Command Colors CARDS
150 Fulves, Karl Robert Neal's Trapdoor Card CARDS