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1 CLOSE-UP Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram Bertram, Ross
2 CLOSE-UP The Magic of Michael Ammar Ammar, Michael
3 CLOSE-UP 3D Rabbits by Magic by Gosh Ammar, Michael
4 CLOSE-UP Complete Cups & Balls, The Ammar, Michael
5 CLOSE-UP Encore III Ammar, Michael
6 CLOSE-UP Michael Ammar Lecture Notes - Tour 2000 Ammar, Michael
7 CLOSE-UP Encore II Ammar, Michael
8 CLOSE-UP The Command Performance Premier Issue Ammar, Michael
9 CLOSE-UP The Command Performance Encore I / Issue 2 Ammar, Michael
10 CLOSE-UP Michael Ammar Lecture Notes 1988 (German) Ammar, Michael
11 CLOSE-UP Michael Ammar - Gummibandtricks Ammar, Michael
12 CLOSE-UP Miser's Miracle, The Andrus, Jerry
13 CLOSE-UP Safety Pin-Trix Andrus, Jerry
14 CLOSE-UP Five Dollar Trix Andrus, Jerry
15 CLOSE-UP Nameless Notes Andrus, Jerry
16 CLOSE-UP Smoke and Mirrors Bannon, John
17 CLOSE-UP Cardzilla is Coming Bannon, John
18 CLOSE-UP Impossibilia Bannon, John
19 CLOSE-UP Bertram On Sleight Of Hand Bertram, Ross
20 CLOSE-UP Workers 1 Close, Michael
21 CLOSE-UP Workers 2 Close, Michael
22 CLOSE-UP Workers 3 Close, Michael
23 CLOSE-UP Workers 4 Close, Michael
24 CLOSE-UP Workers 5 Close, Michael
25 CLOSE-UP Closely Guarded Secrets Close, Michael
26 CLOSE-UP Best of Slydini ... and More, The (Text) Fulves, Karl
27 CLOSE-UP Best of Slydini ... And More, The (Photographs) Fulves, Karl
28 CLOSE-UP Epilogue Fulves, Karl
29 CLOSE-UP Self-Working Rope Magic Fulves, Karl
30 CLOSE-UP Self-Working Table Magic Fulves, Karl
31 CLOSE-UP Swindle & Cheat Fulves, Karl
32 CLOSE-UP Children's Magic Kit, The Fulves, Karl
33 CLOSE-UP Self-Working Table Magic Fulves, Karl
34 CLOSE-UP Art of Close Up Magic, The - Volume 1 Ganson, Lewis
35 CLOSE-UP The Art of Close Up Magic - Volume 2 Ganson, Lewis
36 CLOSE-UP Colour Changing Pocket Knife Trick Ganson, Lewis
37 CLOSE-UP The Magic of Slydini Ganson, Lewis
38 CLOSE-UP A Magician Explains Ganson, Lewis
39 CLOSE-UP Colombini's Cups and Balls Ganson, Lewis
40 CLOSE-UP Bernard's Lesson on Dice Stacking Ganson, Lewis
41 CLOSE-UP Rovi Reveals Ganson, Lewis
42 CLOSE-UP Martin Gardner Presents Gardner, Martin
43 CLOSE-UP Mathematics Magic and Mystery Gardner, Martin
44 CLOSE-UP After the Dessert Gardner, Martin
45 CLOSE-UP Match-ic Gardner, Martin
46 CLOSE-UP The Complete Illustrated Book of Close-up Magic Gibson, Walter B.
47 CLOSE-UP The Bunko Book Gibson, Walter B.
48 CLOSE-UP Simply Harkey Harkey, David
49 CLOSE-UP AH-HA! Harkey, David
50 CLOSE-UP Body Language Harkey, David