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1 COINS Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram Bertram, Ross
2 COINS Al Schneider On Coins Schneider, Al
3 COINS The New Modern Coin Magic Bobo, J.B.
4 COINS Watch This One! A collection of choice magical effects with Bobo, J.B.
5 COINS Modern Coin Manipulation Downs, T. Nelson
6 COINS Introduction to Coin Magic Futagawa, Shigeo
7 COINS Self-Working Coin Magic Fulves, Karl
8 COINS Jerry Mentzer - Super Cents Mentzer, Jerry
9 COINS Best of Benzais, The Benzais, John
10 COINS Modern Art of Coin Manipulation Lees, Walt
11 COINS Patrick Page - Tricks with Coins Page, Patrick
12 COINS David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Kaufman, Richard
13 COINS CoinMagic Kaufman, Richard
14 COINS The Interlocked Production of Coins Kaufman, Richard
15 COINS Coin Magnetrix Kraft, Frederick L. and Arthur
16 COINS Magneticoins Kraft, Frederick L. and Arthur
17 COINS High Impact Coin Magic Brewer, Doug
18 COINS The Unexpected Visitor Brewer, Doug
19 COINS The Coins of Ishtar DeBarros, Jules
20 COINS Las Vegas Lecture Neighbors, David
21 COINS Tricks Of My Trade - The Magic of Doug Conn Cummins, Paul W.
22 COINS Magical Spoonerism No.3 Spooner, Bill
23 COINS A Magical Spoonerism No. 2 Spooner, Bill
24 COINS Okito Coin Box Routines Bey, Mohammed
25 COINS Milestone In Coin Magic Baumann, Fred C.
26 COINS Relentless Kurtz, Gary
27 COINS Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin Mentzer, Jerry
28 COINS Climax Coins Mentzer, Jerry
29 COINS Dusheck Magic Series No. 2 - Dusheck's Coin Magic Dusheck, Steve
30 COINS Variations of Popular Effects and Original Material Garrett, Thomas
31 COINS Stand Up Coin Power Lowig, Eivind
32 COINS ThreeFly Kenner, Chris
33 COINS 3 Fly III Daryl
34 COINS Amazing Magic With Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny Simmons, Ken
35 COINS Scotch and Soda Part 1 Simmons, Ken
36 COINS Scotch and Soda Part 2 Simmons, Ken
37 COINS Scotch and Soda Part 3 (Finale) Simmons, Ken
38 COINS Coins York, Scotty
39 COINS Cops & Robbers Guinn, Scott F.
40 COINS Twilight Zone Harris, Paul
41 COINS World's Best Coin Tricks Longe, Bob
42 COINS Principles and Deceptions Buckley, Arthur
43 COINS Magic Coin Tricks Anyone Can Do Downs, T. Nelson
44 COINS The Silver Passage Ouellet, Gary
45 COINS Coins on Edges Harbottle, Kainoa
46 COINS Kainoa Harbottle's Cointopia Harbottle, Kainoa
47 COINS Bull's Eye Coin Tricks Marlo, Edward
48 COINS Coining Magic Marlo, Edward
49 COINS Bull's Eye Coin Tricks Ireland, Laurie L.
50 COINS Tavern Magic 1 Wild, Michael