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Haney, Denny


Here are the lecture notes that many magicians have used to turn their performing hobby into a full or part time career. These were written in the 1990′s and present the views of “real life” performing from one magician’s perspective. Topics covered are finding yourself, your style, various types of acts including the pros and cons of each, personality, simple self promotion, dealing with agents, and much more. Perhaps the most important segment of the notes is the section on Structure of an act. Pacing and structure can make the difference between a good act and just an act consisting of a bunch of tricks. These notes have been highly praised by many working magicians on the road today.
Below is an unsolicited review of these notes:

“Folks, I represent one of the MANY hard working full-time entertainers in this country. I’ve performed Magic, Juggling, Unicycling, Three-Card Monte, and more for close to 20 years. I’ve performed in 14 different states, demoed in 2 magic shops, and am a member of S.A.M. and in ALL my years of scrambling, “gigging”, and eeking out a living, nothing has changed me for the better like the lecture notes of Denny Haney.
Three years ago I ordered a bunch of DVD’s from different places looking for the answer to MAKING MORE MONEY in fields like Trade Shows, Restaurants, and Holiday Shows. At that same time I found Denny’s Notes on his site and ordered them “just for the heck of it.” When I had the time, I decided to open Denny’s notes first before the other DVD’s. Ladies and Gentlemen, I read through his notes 3 TIMES just to feel the thrill I got from the first read-through. After that, I promptly sent back ALL of the other DVD’s UNOPENED (over $100 worth) to their prospective dealers asking for refunds or store credit.
In that first year, I’ve INCREASED my Close-Up Magic rates and agents have been calling me more than ever. My show has a BETTER flow and it’s gotten me more work from those precious referrals.
Denny & Lee Lecture Notes have been the BEST lecture notes I’ve EVER read. In fact, after I returned the DVD’s, I called Denny and ordered 4 MORE copies to give to my close friends in Magic & Clowning. Two of those friends were the type that just weren’t “getting it.” They were working hard and not SMART. Their show was TOO COMPLICATED and Denny’s Notes DID come to the rescue for them.
These notes WILL RESCUE YOU too and put your show & business up on the next level. Thanks, Denny.”
Your Friend,
Lou Johnson, Magician and MORE

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