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Behnke, Leo

If your intention is to earn a living from magic, then corporate events are your best chance to succeed. Simply stated, they pay more and can often lead to repeat bookings by the same firms. But do you know how to entertain during a press party, an awards dinner or a fashion show? And what about trade show booths?

Leo Behnke has decades of experience in the corporate entertainment world and shares it with you in this ebook. This is extremely valuable advice you are getting from a pro who has done it all - TV, Magic Castle, trade shows, ...

Leo structered the ebook into five chapters. The first, "Selling The Show" deals with prospecting, the appointment and the presentation - your pitch of your entertainment service. This is followed by chapters on "Hospitality Suites", "Trade Show Booths" and "Special Events". The last chapter is titled "Your People" and covers picking the right assistants, paying them, wardrobe and treating them as talent. And of course, Leo also describes several of his routines he performed at these corporate events.

Very little has been published in this area because most pros rather apply their knowledge to earn a living, than educate their competition. The book sold originally for $100. Now as ebook, you can enjoy an unprecedented low price

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