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Jerx, The - Volume One


Collected writings from the The Jerx, online blog. The book is about half new material and half material from the website that has been updated and illustrated.

The mysterious author is only known as "Andy."

In his own words...
"My name is Andy.

I live in New York City.

Professor Hoffman and His Conjuring Serials of 1872 – 1888

Sawyer, Thomas A.

The first edition of Professor Hoffman and His Conjuring Serials of 1872 – 1888 consists of 52 copies, of which 26 copies are lettered and signed by the author, and 26 copies are numbered and unsigned.

The 26 lettered and signed copies of the first edition are accompanied by a trimmed, tipped-in “leaf” from Every Boy’s Annual for 1876, bearing some text from the serialized version of Professor Hoffman’s Modern Magic. The 1876 annual was published in late 1875. It was the third of the five annuals that included Modern Magic articles.

Worknotes on Brainwave

Fulves, Karl

Also see "A History of The Brainwave Principle"

History Of The Brainwave, A

Fulves, Karl

Also see "Worknotes on Brainwave"

This Is Not A Box

Earl, Benjamin

Reflections on Edwin T. Sachs

Sawyer, Thomas A.

Addendum to The Late Mr. Edwin T. Sachs.

Late Mr. Edwin T. Sachs, The

Sawyer, Thomas A.

The first and so far the only truly significant work on Edwin T. Sachs, the author of Sleight of Hand.

See also... "Reflections on Edwin T. Sachs"

Psychology for the Mentalist

Luttrell, Andy

Rethinking S. W. Erdnase

Sawyer, Thomas A.

Matthias Buchinger - "The Greatest German Living"

Jay, Ricky

Published to accompany the exhibition:
“Wordplay: Matthias Buchinger’s Inventive Drawings from the collection of Ricky Jay”
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, January 5 – April 11, 2016

Also released as a limited deluxe edition:

Death Camp Magicians, The

Rauscher, William V.

A shocking tale of surviving the notorious Nazi regime and how magic made a difference in two lives as they journeyed from darkness into light.

A true story of holocaust survivors Werner Reich and Herbert Nivelli.

Magic by Miller

Croucher, Donald

Limited edition of 195 autographed copies

This book includes...
- The entire line of magical effects constructed by Clarence S. Miller
- Instruction sheets with illustrations
- Over 300 full-color photographs
- Illustrations, drawings, and schematics
- Behind the scene information about Clarence and his magic
- DVD with Clarence demonstrating the effects and his thoughts on magic
- Original business card from Clarence
- Bookplate autographed by Clarence and Donald

Experts At The Card Table, The

Ben, David

Part 1 of an intended trilogy. Originally available in a regular or limited, deluxe edition.

Incredible Dr. Jaks, The

Bluemle, Robert L. and Leo Behnke

Edwins Magic, Volume Two

Hooper, Edwin

Manufacturer's Description:

John Henry Anderson: The Great Wizard of the North and His Magical Family

Dawes, Edwin and Michael Dawes

Meticulously researched by Edwin & Michael Dawes, printed by Hermetic Press, and published by Conjuring Arts, John Henry Anderson: The Great Wizard of the North and His Magical Family is a comprehensive look at a most compelling figure of magic history.
• Over 300 pages of fascinating information
• Printed on high quality, archival paper with sewn binding and cloth cover
• Over 100 illustrations and images from Anderson’s life and career, including color section and frontispiece
• First ever revelations based on never-before-seen material

Vernon Companion, The

Perovich, Michael A.

This book has been published in an edition limited to 600 copies.

From the ad copy:
It was a special time. It was 1968. He walked through the concealed doorway that led into the Magic Castle and came face to face with Dai Vernon! He returned night after night, for over twenty years, to sit with Vernon, to listen to him, ask him questions, to remember everything he could. In time, he wrote it all down, creating a fascinating and entertaining chronicle of Dai Vernon and the Magic Castle during an era like no other.

Edwins Magic, Volume One

Hooper, Edwin

Manufacturer's Description:

Silent Mora

Rauscher, William V.

Now You See Them, Now You Don't

Weimer, Bill

Excerpted from the back cover:

Bill Weimer reflects on the history, the performers, the magic, and the still-told stories of the Chicago magic bars he worked.

Part biography, part history, part "show biz" story, and part magic book, Now You See Them, Now You Don't, with it's over 200 photos, will amaze you, make you laugh, and take you back to a truly "magical" era of Chicago

Non Plus Ultra - Volume I: Magic of the 19th Century

Magic Christian (Stelzel, Christian)

English-language translation of the classic German books.

Hellis In Wonderland

Houstoun, Will

Limited edition of 500 copies, signed and numbered by the author.

Typos, punctuation and capitalizations have been left in this table of contents as they appear in the book.

Notebook, The

Houstoun, Will

First edition was limited to 200 copies, and published in 2009. This is taken from the second edition. Punctuation and capitalizations are as they actually appear in the book.

Conference Illusions, The

Caveney, Mike

Sold as a matching 2 volume set in protective slip case. The first volume is "Mike Caveney Wonders."

Magic. 1400s–1950s

Caveney, Mike and Jim Steinmeyer, Ricky Jay, Noel Daniel

Illusion, enchantment, and wonder

The world’s greatest magicians from the Middle Ages through the 1950s

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