Matthias Buchinger - "The Greatest German Living" / Jay, Ricky / HISTORY AND THEORY

Jay, Ricky

Published to accompany the exhibition:
“Wordplay: Matthias Buchinger’s Inventive Drawings from the collection of Ricky Jay”
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, January 5 – April 11, 2016

Also released as a limited deluxe edition:
As a special commemoration Conjuring Arts and Mr. Jay have collaborated on a limited edition boxed set. Each set will be numbered and the box closed with a special numbered Buchinger seal. Included in the set is a copy of the book, two different limited edition decks of cards (the seals of each deck will have matching numbers and they will also match the set number) and a hand letterpress-printed special keepsake created especially for this boxed edition and signed by Mr. Jay. This set is strictly limited to a production of 500 of which fewer will be sold. Color illustrations throughout, 160 pages, hardbound.

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