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Tenace, Richard L.

The average magician focuses on tricks, moves and method. The really good ones know that acting is an even more important aspect of a magic performance, regardless of if you are standing on a stage or close-up next to a cocktail table.

Richard Tenace is one of those performers who urges all magicians to take acting classes, to develop a character or persona, to script your effects, to treat our audience with respect, to go beyond fooling somebody to achieving astonishment and entertainment.

Tenace describes these methods and practices on a very accessible and practical level. This is not a high flying theoretical work that preaches down to the common magician. Richard has a sincere and genuine interest to help you become a much better magician. And he has walked the talk and describes many true stories from his own performing career. He will help you grow from a person that does tricks to a true entertainer.

What he writes about is understood by all regularly booked and re-booked pros. Magic is a performance art. If you want to make your living performing magic then there is no way around this subject. This is a must read if you want to make your magic more memorable, if you want people to remember your name rather than 'that guy who found the aces'.

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