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1 COINS Stand Up Coin Power
2 COINS The Magic Box
3 COINS Bull's Eye Coin Tricks
4 COINS Hokus Pokus: Coin Tricks
5 COINS Coin Magnetrix
6 COINS Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic
7 COINS Out With The New, In With The Old
8 COINS ThreeFly
9 COINS Coin Creations
10 COINS Coining Magic
11 COINS Sawa's Library of Magic - Volume One
12 COINS Magneticoins
13 COINS A new Look at the Okito Box
14 COINS Magic of Fred Robinson, The
15 COINS Pleasing Deceptions and Subtle Fictions
16 COINS 3 Fly III
17 COINS Magic of Francis Carlyle, The
18 COINS Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram
19 COINS Bull's Eye Coin Tricks
20 COINS Al Schneider Magic
21 COINS High Impact Coin Magic
22 COINS Sleightly Original
23 COINS Complete Al Leech, The
24 COINS Amazing Magic With Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny
25 COINS Coin Routine
26 COINS Al Schneider On Coins
27 COINS Tavern Magic 1
28 COINS Sleights
29 COINS The Unexpected Visitor
30 COINS Money Magic
31 COINS Steve Lindsay: More Than a Magician - The Magic of Steven Hamilton
32 COINS Scotch and Soda Part 1
33 COINS Magic Page by Page
34 COINS The New Modern Coin Magic
35 COINS Tavern Magic 2
36 COINS Wrinkles
37 COINS The Coins of Ishtar
38 COINS Coin Magic Part Two
39 COINS David Neighbors Project, The - Volume One: Defining the Edges of the Box
40 COINS Scotch and Soda Part 2
41 COINS Vortex
42 COINS Watch This One! A collection of choice magical effects with
43 COINS Locked In A Room Without Cards
44 COINS Tricks of To-Day
45 COINS Las Vegas Lecture
46 COINS Coin Magic Part One
47 COINS Roy Johnson Lecture Notes, The
48 COINS Scotch and Soda Part 3 (Finale)
49 COINS Das Rainer Teschner Seminar 79
50 COINS Modern Coin Manipulation