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50 Years of Magic

Sands, George

Volume 1 of 7 in the series.

Kingdom of the Red

Barnowsky, Larry

Between the covers of Kingdom of the Red you’ll discover a wealth of original magic using cards, coins, balls, dice, ropes, rings, bills, Scrabble tiles, and much more. There is ingenious apparatus that you can build, elegant card flourishes to execute, and self-working miracles with cards and coins that are designed to bewilder and entertain. 240 pages divided into 28 chapters are filled with a variety of sleights and effects geared for the beginner as well as the intermediate and advanced magician.

Jack Hughes World of Magic

Lever, Derek

From the Foreword, by Derek Lever:

This compilation of Jack Hughes material is a limited edition which has been specially published to be released at the 2012 FISM Convention in Blackpool, England.

“The Jack Hughes World of Magic” Volume One was published in 1981 by Taurus Magic Supply and was sold out within 12 months.

“The Jack Hughes World of Magic” Volume Two was published in 1992 and sold out within 9 months.

“The Jack Hughes World of Magic” Volume Three was published in 1999 and has also sold out completely.

Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen

Lovick, John

Magic with Himber Rings

Mentzer, Jerry

Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings, The

Biro, Pete

Das Ry Johnson Seminar 1976 in Düsseldorf

Johnson, Roy

Some Moder Conjuring

Holmes, Donald

available from

Original Creation for Magicians Hitherto Kept "UP HIS SLEEVE"

Waller, Charles

available as an e book from

More Magic Toys, Tricks & Illusions

Kenneway, Eric

Lecture Notes

Bich, Mathieu

Extreme Magic Make Over

Romhany, Paul and Hal Spear

Professional scripts written by professional script writer Hal Spear and professional magician Paul Romhany. Classic magic effects with a modern script for todays audiences.

Down Under Lecture Notes Romhany

Romhany, Paul

These lecture notes contain six of Paul Romhany's favorite routines that he has performed over the past twenty years. They range from stand-up to stage and even a little close-up ditty using business cards. There is something in here for every type of performer.

Duck Call Gag
Clean Sweep
Business Card Switcharoo
Poor Magician's Confabulation
Dove/Plane Gag
Newspaper Umbrella Trick
Pin Number
Bearly Impossible Solo
Pages 47 - Softcover

Magical Mathematics

Diaconis, Persi

Cloth | 2011 | $29.95 / £19.95 | ISBN: 9780691151649
258 pp. | 8 1/2 x 9 1/2 | 133 color illus. 14 halftones. 56 line illus. 10 tables.

eBook | 2011 | $29.95 | ISBN: 9781400839384

Now You See It, Now You Don't! Notebook, The

Tarr, Bill

The Typesetting is in a kind of a handwriting.

Magic of the Hands Trilogy, The

Victor, Edward

The Book is a complete repreint of the original three books
- Magic of the Hands
- More Magic of the Hands
- Further Magic of the Hands

Handbuch der Misdirection

Bruno, Joe

Thru The Dye Tube

Rice, Harold R. & W.T. Van Zandt

Gilbert Handkerchief Tricks For Boys

Gilbert, Alfred C.

Secret Service

Grant, U.F.

Aus dem Eff Eff...

Farrell, Felix

iX Tricks

Brenda, Irmela

Magic of Allan Lambie, The

Taylor, Tony & Micky Hades

Magician's Arsenal: Professional Tricks of the Trade

Scott, Lee

The Art of Body Loading And Productions

Joseph, Eddie

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