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Super Sized Silly

Kaye, David

Ireland Magic Card Annual

Ireland Magic

Edwins Magic, Volume Two

Hooper, Edwin

Manufacturer's Description:

Edwins Magic, Volume One

Hooper, Edwin

Manufacturer's Description:

Jack Hughes World of Magic

Lever, Derek

From the Foreword, by Derek Lever:

This compilation of Jack Hughes material is a limited edition which has been specially published to be released at the 2012 FISM Convention in Blackpool, England.

“The Jack Hughes World of Magic” Volume One was published in 1981 by Taurus Magic Supply and was sold out within 12 months.

“The Jack Hughes World of Magic” Volume Two was published in 1992 and sold out within 9 months.

“The Jack Hughes World of Magic” Volume Three was published in 1999 and has also sold out completely.

Doing Magic for Youngsters

Easley, Bert and Eric P. Wilson

King Koko

Hoffmann, Professor

King Koko or The Pretty Princess and the Lucky Lover. A Conjuring Entertainment in the Form of a Fairy Tale with Practical Instructions

Clown Magic

Ginn, David

Subjects covered include: how to mix clowning and magic, creating laughter, working with children, comedy warm-ups, audience participation techniques, magical fun with kids, covering mistakes, clown stunts, silly close-up gags, running gags, walk around clowning, birthday party stunts, clown magic on stage, and more. The book is loaded with hundreds of tried and tested comedy effects with dozens of complete clown magic skits and routines.

How to Create Kids' Magic and Triple Your Income

Breeds, John

With introductions by Terry Herbert and David Kaye. Terry regards this as one of the BEST books published on entertaining children. Here you'll find approximately 200 A4 sized pages, crammed with all you need to know on children's entertaining. Sure, there are routines - and some outstanding ones at that! - but this book is also full of the BUSINESS of entertaining children, a subject which many books have omitted. There are sections on:
•Non-elimination Games
•Bits of Business
•Sound Systems and Microphones
•Magic Tables


Solomon, Ed

Title: Heart and Soul
Publisher: Leaping Lizards Magic
Copyright Owner: Ed Solomon and Leaping Lizards
Copyright Year: January 2011
Illustrator: Pix by Solomon
Illustrations (#): 29 BW photos
Edition: Soft and Hard cover
Format:6 x 9
Language: English
Number of pages: 85 BW Photos
Category(ies): Gospel Magic for Storytellers
Cover Price: Soft cover $30- Hard cover $40

Zaubern für Kinder

Schenk, Uwe and Michael Sondermeyer

Zauberei für alle Altersklassen

Potassy, Paul

Zaubern für Kinder

Kersten, Dr. Peter

Das Edwin Hooper Seminar 1981

Hooper, Edwin

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