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1 CARDS Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram Bertram, Ross
2 CARDS Complete Guide To Card Conjuring, The Adair, Ian
4 CARDS Esoterist, The Ackerman, Allan
5 CARDS Here's My Card Ackerman, Allan
6 CARDS Las Vegas Kardma Ackerman, Allan
7 CARDS Magic Mafia Effects Ackerman, Allan
8 CARDS Al Cardpone: The Las Vegas Blues Lecture Ackerman, Allan
9 CARDS Classic Handlings Ackerman, Allan
10 CARDS Every Move a Move: A Lecture for the Magic Castle Ackerman, Allan
11 CARDS How to Tame a Moose: Canadian Lecture Tour (Summer, 1995) Ackerman, Allan
12 CARDS I Can't Believe It's Not All Cards! Ackerman, Allan
13 CARDS Magic Castle Lecture Notes Ackerman, Allan
14 CARDS Wednesday Nights Ackerman, Allan
15 CARDS Ackerman 2004 Ackerman, Allan
16 CARDS Sessions Aronson, Simon
17 CARDS Aronson Approach, The Aronson, Simon
18 CARDS Simply Simon Aronson, Simon
19 CARDS Bound to Please Aronson, Simon
20 CARDS Try the Impossible Aronson, Simon
21 CARDS Card Control: Practical Methods and 40 Original Card Experim Buckley, Arthur
22 CARDS Effects With Cards 1 Buckley, Arthur
23 CARDS Sex Sells Asher, Lee
24 CARDS Thinking Out Loud Asher, Lee
25 CARDS Pulp Friction Asher, Lee
26 CARDS Le' Asher Asher, Lee
27 CARDS Hand Jobs Asher, Lee
28 CARDS Catch 33 Asher, Lee
29 CARDS Ripper, The Asher, Lee
30 CARDS Close Cover Before Striking Asher, Lee
31 CARDS Expert at the Card Table, The Erdnase, S.W.
32 CARDS Card Stories Frailich, Ariel
33 CARDS Self-Working Card Tricks Fulves, Karl
34 CARDS Packet Switches (Part 3)-The Harvey Rosenthal Card Switches Fulves, Karl
35 CARDS Riffle Shuffle Technique Fulves, Karl
36 CARDS Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks Fulves, Karl
37 CARDS Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups Fulves, Karl
38 CARDS More Self-Working Card Tricks Fulves, Karl
39 CARDS Packet Switches (Part 1) Fulves, Karl
40 CARDS Packet Switches (Part 2) Fulves, Karl
41 CARDS Packet Switches (Part 4) - The Gene Maze Card Switches Fulves, Karl
42 CARDS Transpo Trix Fulves, Karl
43 CARDS Methods With Cards (Part Three) Fulves, Karl
44 CARDS Faro & Riffle Technique Fulves, Karl
45 CARDS Hofzinser Notebook Fulves, Karl
46 CARDS New Self-Working Card Tricks Fulves, Karl
47 CARDS Gambler's Third Lesson Fulves, Karl
48 CARDS Setting Up Exercises Fulves, Karl
49 CARDS Riffle Shuffle Controls - Part Two: Blocking Off Fulves, Karl
50 CARDS Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic Fulves, Karl