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351 CARDS Professional Card Magic Green, Cliff
352 CARDS Griff on Cards Griffith, Tony
353 CARDS You'll be Pleasantly Surprised Guinn, Scott F.
354 CARDS Great Scott! It's Card Magic Guinn, Scott F.
355 CARDS Magishing My Way Guinn, Scott F.
356 CARDS 36 Tricks with FA-KO Cards Haines, Ronald
357 CARDS Off The Wall Harris, Ben
358 CARDS 1986 World Lecture Tour Notes Harris, Ben
359 CARDS Inner Circle, The Harris, Paul
360 CARDS Cardboard Connection, The Harris, Paul
361 CARDS Immaculate Connection, The Harris, Paul
362 CARDS Super Swindle ! Harris, Paul
363 CARDS P.H. Break-Through Harris, Paul
364 CARDS Card Fictions Hartling, Pit
365 CARDS Little Green Lecture, The Hartling, Pit
366 CARDS Secret Subtractions Hartman, J.K.
367 CARDS Loose Ends Hartman, J.K.
368 CARDS Means & Ends Hartman, J.K.
369 CARDS After Craft - More Card Trickery Hartman, J.K.
370 CARDS Odd Lifts Hartman, J.K.
371 CARDS Super Dupes Hartman, J.K.
372 CARDS Packet Magic Hartman, J.K.
373 CARDS Trickery Treats - Card Craft Continued Hartman, J.K.
374 CARDS Card Fare Hartman, J.K.
375 CARDS Card Craft Hartman, J.K.
376 CARDS Chicago Surprise, The Haydn, Whit
377 CARDS Notes on Three-Card Monte Haydn, Whit
378 CARDS Gene Maze and The Art Of Bottom Dealing Hobbs, Stephen
379 CARDS Labyrinth Hobbs, Stephen
380 CARDS More Magic Hoffmann, Professor
381 CARDS Drawing Room Deceptions Hollingworth, Guy
382 CARDS Notes on Card Tricks and Othe Hollingworth, Guy
383 CARDS Quartet Hollingworth, Guy
384 CARDS Outs, Precautions and Challenges Hopkins, Charles H.
385 CARDS Enchantments: Magic for Cards and Hands James, Wesley
386 CARDS 12 Brand New Tricks Joseph, Eddie
387 CARDS 15 Exciting Minutes with A Borrowed Deck Joseph, Eddie
388 CARDS Card Bonanza Joseph, Eddie
389 CARDS Staggered Joseph, Eddie
390 CARDS Invisible Influence Joseph, Eddie
391 CARDS Eddies' Dumbfounders with Cards Joseph, Eddie
392 CARDS Impossible Joseph, Eddie
393 CARDS Quadruplicate Joseph, Eddie
394 CARDS Astral Diviner Joseph, Eddie
395 CARDS Six-Hour Memorized Deck, The Joyal, Martin
396 CARDS Joyal Index, The - "N as in Nikola" Joyal, Martin
397 CARDS Joyal Index, The - "V as in Vernon" Joyal, Martin
398 CARDS Joyal Index, The - "P as in Ponsin" Joyal, Martin
399 CARDS Joyal Index, The - Annemann I Joyal, Martin
400 CARDS Joyal Index, The - Annemann II Joyal, Martin