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401 CARDS Kardyro's Kard Konjuring Kardyro, Tony
402 CARDS Don England's Paradox: Notes on a Lecture Kelly, Kevin
403 CARDS Don England's Paradox Kelly, Kevin
404 CARDS Magic: Experiments with the Art & Thoughts on the Artist Kimlat, Kostya
405 CARDS Joker Game, The Kimlat, Kostya
406 CARDS Card Work, Card Play Kimlat, Kostya
407 CARDS Breather, The - The Ultimate Crimp King, Bob
408 CARDS Breather, The - The Ultimate Crimp 2 King, Bob
409 CARDS Gary Kurtz - Prinzipien in der Praxis Kurtz, Gary
410 CARDS Handbook of Card Sleights Leech, Al
411 CARDS Cardmanship Leech, Al
412 CARDS Super Card Man Stuff Leech, Al
413 CARDS For Card Men Only Leech, Al
414 CARDS Card Man Stuff Leech, Al
415 CARDS 101 Amazing Card Tricks Longe, Bob
416 CARDS World's Best Card Tricks Longe, Bob
417 CARDS Great Card Tricks Longe, Bob
418 CARDS World's Greatest Card Tricks Longe, Bob
419 CARDS Card Concepts MacTier, Arthur F.
420 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 02: Action Palm Marlo, Edward
421 CARDS Marlo in Spades Marlo, Edward
422 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 11: The Multiple Shift Marlo, Edward
423 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 08,9,10: Seconds,Centers,Bottoms Marlo, Edward
424 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 05: The Tabled Palm Marlo, Edward
425 CARDS Card Magic of Edward Marlo, The Marlo, Edward
426 CARDS Riffle Shuffle Systems Marlo, Edward
427 CARDS Patented Shuffle, The Marlo, Edward
428 CARDS Marlo's Magazine, Volume 1 Marlo, Edward
429 CARDS Off the Top Marlo, Edward
430 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 04: Side Steal Marlo, Edward
431 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 01: Miracle Card Change Marlo, Edward
432 CARDS Revolutionary Card Technique 12: Card Switches Marlo, Edward
433 CARDS Let's see the deck Marlo, Edward
434 CARDS Marlo's Objectives Marlo, Edward
435 CARDS Marlo's Magazine, Volume 6 Marlo, Edward
436 CARDS Marlo's Magazine, Volume 5 Marlo, Edward
437 CARDS Marlo's Magazine, Volume 4 Marlo, Edward
438 CARDS Marlo's Magazine, Volume 2 Marlo, Edward
439 CARDS Marlo's Magazine, Volume 3 Marlo, Edward
440 CARDS Tilt Marlo, Edward
441 CARDS Faro Controlled Miracles Marlo, Edward
442 CARDS Cardician, The Marlo, Edward
443 CARDS K. M. Move, The Marlo, Edward
444 CARDS Early Marlo Marlo, Edward
445 CARDS Future Classic, The Marlo, Edward and Carmen D'Amico
446 CARDS Classical Foursome Marlo, Edward
447 CARDS Ed Marlo on The Acrobatic Cards Marlo, Edward
448 CARDS Control Systems Marlo, Edward
449 CARDS Deck Deception Marlo, Edward
450 CARDS Unexpected Card Book, The Marlo, Edward