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651 CLOSE-UP Pleasing Deceptions and Subtle Fictions Snyder, Lee
652 CLOSE-UP Ruminations Schneiderman, Steve
653 CLOSE-UP Damn Good Tricks Steinhauer, Lawrence, with Bob Wagner, Norman Gilbreath, Marshall Levy, and Howard Adams
654 CLOSE-UP Complete Al Leech, The Leech, Al
655 CLOSE-UP Steve Lindsay: More Than a Magician - The Magic of Steven Hamilton Cameron, Douglas
656 CLOSE-UP Stuff That Violates My Parole But I Do Anyway Because It Gets Such A Good Reaction Williams, Geoff
657 CLOSE-UP Thoughts on a Napkin Beason, Chris
658 CLOSE-UP Now You See Them, Now You Don't Weimer, Bill
659 CLOSE-UP Edwins Magic, Volume One Hooper, Edwin
660 CLOSE-UP Edwins Magic, Volume Two Hooper, Edwin
661 CLOSE-UP Milton Kort - Lecture Notes Bauer, Ron
662 CLOSE-UP Roy Johnson Lecture Notes, The Johnson, Roy
663 CLOSE-UP Between the Acts Ray, Jimmy
664 CLOSE-UP Money Moves Fulves, Karl
665 CLOSE-UP Incredible Dr. Jaks, The Bluemle, Robert L. and Leo Behnke
666 CLOSE-UP Pasteboard Odyssey, A (For madmen only!): The Close-Up Magic of Kevin Kelly Gutierrez, Armando, and Kevin Kelly
667 CLOSE-UP Malini and his Magic Vernon Dai
668 CLOSE-UP 80's Called, The... They Want Their Magic Book Back - Volume One Friedman, Jonathan
669 CLOSE-UP Blomberg Laboratories Gladwin, Andi
670 CLOSE-UP Blackpool Twenty Twelve Weber, Michael
671 CLOSE-UP Impromptu Gardner, Martin
672 CLOSE-UP Magic by Miller Croucher, Donald
673 CLOSE-UP Wonderful Routines of Magic Poland, Ellison
674 CLOSE-UP Last Word on Skullo-cation, The Nord, Bill
675 CLOSE-UP Lowdown, The Fulves, Karl
676 CLOSE-UP Hex Squared Fulves, Karl
677 CLOSE-UP Square One Maven, Max
678 CLOSE-UP Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi, The Minch, Stephen
679 CLOSE-UP Jerx, The - Volume One Andy
680 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Mental Magic Fulves, Karl
681 CLOSE-UP Contemporary Hankerchief Magic - Part One Fulves, Karl
682 CLOSE-UP Contemporary Handkerchief Magic - Part Two Fulves, Karl