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301 CLOSE-UP The Second Evening At the Magic Circle Emerson, Arthur J., Jr.
302 CLOSE-UP Classic Color Changing Knives and Paddle Routines Frank, Gary
303 CLOSE-UP Color Changing Knives Enardoe
304 CLOSE-UP Mogar's Fantasy Knives Routine Mogar, Joe
305 CLOSE-UP Mogar's Miracle Knife Routine Mogar, Joe
306 CLOSE-UP Here's How Norman, Karl
307 CLOSE-UP The Cups, A Manual of Cups and Balls Magic Fromer, Roy
308 CLOSE-UP The Book or Don't Forget to Point! Fraps, Thomas, et.al
309 CLOSE-UP Professional 3D Multiplying Rabbits Murray, George
310 CLOSE-UP Presents Lecture Notes #2 Fearson, Steve
311 CLOSE-UP Going Back in Time Fearson, Steve
312 CLOSE-UP Tricks and Treats Braude, Ben B.
313 CLOSE-UP Play It Again, Sam - The Close-Up Magic of Sam Schwartz Schwartz, Sam
314 CLOSE-UP Teach Yourself Magic Tuffs, J.Elsden
315 CLOSE-UP Apocalypse Volumes 6-10, Jan 1983/Dec 1987 Lorayne, Harry
316 CLOSE-UP Apocalyse Volumes 11-15, Jan1988/Dec 1992 Lorayne, Harry
317 CLOSE-UP Apocalyse Volumes 16-20, Jan 1993/Dec 1997 Lorayne, Harry
318 CLOSE-UP Dingle's Deception with Cards and Coins Lorayne, Harry
319 CLOSE-UP The Himber Wallet Book Lorayne, Harry
320 CLOSE-UP Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal Lorayne, Harry
321 CLOSE-UP The Magic Book, The Complete Beginner's Guide... Lorayne, Harry
322 CLOSE-UP Apocalypse Volumes 1-5, Jan 1978/Dec 1982 Lorayne, Harry
323 CLOSE-UP Dingle's Deceptions Lorayne, Harry
324 CLOSE-UP Reputation Makers Lorayne, Harry
325 CLOSE-UP Tricks Of My Trade - The Magic of Doug Conn Cummins, Paul W.
326 CLOSE-UP Tricks Of My Trade - The Magic of Doug Conn Conn, Doug
327 CLOSE-UP Connverted Close-up Conn, Doug
328 CLOSE-UP Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards Marlo, Edward
329 CLOSE-UP Shoot the works Marlo, Edward
330 CLOSE-UP Fr. Cyprian invites you to Stand Up Close Cyprian, Father
331 CLOSE-UP Alfonso 2001 Alfonso
332 CLOSE-UP Alfonso in the Capital Alfonso
333 CLOSE-UP How to Stack Dice Crandall, Clarke The Senator
334 CLOSE-UP Another Close-Up Cavalcade Mentzer, Jerry
335 CLOSE-UP Roger Klause In Concert Pierce, Lance
336 CLOSE-UP Candy Kiss Machine York, Scotty
337 CLOSE-UP Cups and Balls York, Scotty
338 CLOSE-UP The Color Changing Pocketknives York, Scotty
339 CLOSE-UP Scotty York - Lecture York, Scotty
340 CLOSE-UP For your Eyes Only York, Scotty
341 CLOSE-UP Expanded Lecture Notes Vernon, Dai
342 CLOSE-UP New Millennium World Tour Lecture Notes Daryl
343 CLOSE-UP Day of Magic Lecture Notes Ackerman, Allan
344 CLOSE-UP Expert Gambling Tricks Trost, Nick
345 CLOSE-UP Nick's Table Trix Trost, Nick
346 CLOSE-UP Nick's Routine with the Cups and Balls Trost, Nick
347 CLOSE-UP Gambling Tricks with Dice Trost, Nick
348 CLOSE-UP Great Scott! It's a Magic Lecture! Guinn, Scott F
349 CLOSE-UP At The Table Racherbaumer, Jon
350 CLOSE-UP The Lost Pages of Kabbala Racherbaumer, Jon