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151 CLOSE-UP Additional Deceptions from Derek Dingle: Lecture Notes No. 2 Dingle, Derek
152 CLOSE-UP More Additional Deceptions: Lecture Notes No. 3 Dingle, Derek
153 CLOSE-UP The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm in the Bahamas Fleischer, Adam J.
154 CLOSE-UP Very Best, Yet!, The Fleshman, Dan
155 CLOSE-UP Ramsay Legend, The Galloway, Andrew
156 CLOSE-UP Ramsay Classics, The Galloway, Andrew
157 CLOSE-UP The Ramsay Finale Galloway, Andrew
158 CLOSE-UP Close-up Connivery #2 Garrett, Dan
159 CLOSE-UP Teasers and Ticklers The Lecture - Book Garrett, Dan
160 CLOSE-UP You'd be surprised Goodrum, John
161 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Magic Hugard, Jean
162 CLOSE-UP DesTROYers; The Superlative Magic of Troy Hooser Jay, Joshua
163 CLOSE-UP Sleight Of Hand And A Twist Of Fate Jay, Joshua
164 CLOSE-UP Magic Atlas Jay, Joshua
165 CLOSE-UP On Card and Coin Handling Busby, Jeff
166 CLOSE-UP Correction Kane, Peter
167 CLOSE-UP The Collected Almanac Kaufman, Richard
168 CLOSE-UP The New York Magic Symposium Collection One Kaufman, Richard
169 CLOSE-UP Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver Kaufman, Richard
170 CLOSE-UP Sankey Panky Kaufman, Richard
171 CLOSE-UP Williamson's Wonders Kaufman, Richard
172 CLOSE-UP Five Times Five Kaufman, Richard
173 CLOSE-UP The Complete Works of Derek Dingle Kaufman, Richard
174 CLOSE-UP Unexplainable Acts Kaufman, Richard
175 CLOSE-UP Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts Kaufman, Richard
176 CLOSE-UP 100% Sankey Kaufman, Richard
177 CLOSE-UP Lou Gallo: The Underground Man Kaufman, Richard
178 CLOSE-UP Intermezzo Kelly, Kevin
179 CLOSE-UP Super Memory Plus Kosky, Gerald
180 CLOSE-UP Personal Magic Vol. 1 Lewis, Eric C.
181 CLOSE-UP Martin's Miracles Lewis, Eric C.
182 CLOSE-UP L.I.N.T.: Pocket Stuff for Close-up Magicians Luka, John
183 CLOSE-UP Secrets for the Part-time Magician Luka, John
184 CLOSE-UP Real World Magic MacGregor, Jerry
185 CLOSE-UP The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner Maxwell, Mike
186 CLOSE-UP The Right Stuff: The Magic of Chris Kenner Mendoza, John F.
187 CLOSE-UP Sequel To The Mendoza Cups And Balls Routine Mendoza, John F.
188 CLOSE-UP The Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine Mendoza, John F.
189 CLOSE-UP The Mendoza Portfolio No. 1 Mendoza, John F.
190 CLOSE-UP John : Verse Two Mendoza, John F.
191 CLOSE-UP Formula One Close-Up Mendoza, John F.
192 CLOSE-UP The John F. Mendoza Lecture Mendoza, John F.
193 CLOSE-UP The Book of John Mendoza, John F.
194 CLOSE-UP Don't Stall, Stahl ! Mendoza, John F.
195 CLOSE-UP Fechter: The Magic of Eddie Fechter Mentzer, Jerry
196 CLOSE-UP Magician Nitely: The Magic of Eddie Fechter Mentzer, Jerry
197 CLOSE-UP Close-Up File Mentzer, Jerry
198 CLOSE-UP Magic of Paul Harris, The Mentzer, Jerry
199 CLOSE-UP Magic with Credit Cards Mentzer, Jerry
200 CLOSE-UP Close-Up Cavalcade Mentzer, Jerry