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51 CARDS Packet Switches (Part Five) Fulves, Karl
52 CARDS Mexican Monte And Other Tricks Fulves, Karl
53 CARDS Kannibal Kards Fulves, Karl
54 CARDS Cards # 1 - Four-Card Brainwave Fulves, Karl
55 CARDS Magic with Cards Garcia, Frank
56 CARDS Exclusive Card Secrets Garcia, Frank
57 CARDS Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian, The Garcia, Frank
58 CARDS Lecture Notes (1978) Garcia, Frank
59 CARDS Exclusive Card Miracles Garcia, Frank
60 CARDS Don't Bet on It Garcia, Frank
61 CARDS Million Dollar Card Secrets Garcia, Frank
62 CARDS Wild Card Miracles Garcia, Frank
63 CARDS Lecture Notes No.1 - 1973 Garcia, Frank
64 CARDS Million Dollar Card Secrets (German Edition) Garcia, Frank
65 CARDS Super Subtle Card Miracles (German Edition) Garcia, Frank
66 CARDS Frank Garcia - Kartengeheimnisse und Kartenmirakel Garcia, Frank
67 CARDS Card College 1 Giobbi, Roberto
68 CARDS Card College 2 Giobbi, Roberto
69 CARDS Card College 3 Giobbi, Roberto
70 CARDS Card College 4 Giobbi, Roberto
71 CARDS Le Rêve du Tricheur Giobbi, Roberto
72 CARDS Card College 5 Giobbi, Roberto
73 CARDS Cardmanship of Roberto Giobbi, The Giobbi, Roberto
74 CARDS A Gamblers Dream Giobbi, Roberto
75 CARDS Card Stories Giobbi, Roberto
76 CARDS Einige Griffe der Kartomagie (German) Giobbi, Roberto
77 CARDS Fantasia in As-Dur Giobbi, Roberto
78 CARDS Roberto Giobbi - Roberto Super-Light Giobbi, Roberto
79 CARDS Roberto Giobbi - Roberto-Light Giobbi, Roberto
80 CARDS Roberto Giobbi - Roberto Extra-Light Giobbi, Roberto
81 CARDS Green Mirror-Count, The Green, Lennart
82 CARDS Green Angle Separation, The Green, Lennart
83 CARDS Lennart Green's Snap Deal & The laser... Green, Lennart
84 CARDS 1-2 Separation Green, Lennart
85 CARDS Expert Card Technique Hugard, Jean and Fred Braue
86 CARDS Royal Road to Card Magic Hugard, Jean and Fred Braue
87 CARDS Card Manipulations No. 1 and 2 Hugard, Jean
88 CARDS Card Manipulations No. 5 Hugard, Jean
89 CARDS Card Manipulations No. 4 Hugard, Jean
90 CARDS Card Manipulations No. 3 Hugard, Jean
91 CARDS More Card Manipulations Hugard, Jean
92 CARDS Show Stoppers with Cards Hugard, Jean and Fred Braue
93 CARDS Invisible Pass, The Hugard, Jean & Frederick Braue
94 CARDS Stripper Deck, The Hugard, Jean
95 CARDS Miracle Methods Number Two: Miracle Shuffles and Tricks Hugard, Jean
96 CARDS Miracle Methods Number Three: Prepared Cards and Accessories Hugard, Jean
97 CARDS Encyclopedia of Card Tricks Hugard, Jean
98 CARDS Encyclopedia of Card Tricks a partial index Hugard, Jean
99 CARDS Cards as Weapons Jay, Ricky
100 CARDS Secrets Draun From Underground Kaufman, Richard