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101 CARDS Secrets of Brother John Hamman, The Kaufman, Richard
102 CARDS Jennings '67 Kaufman, Richard
103 CARDS Cardworks Kaufman, Richard
104 CARDS Cardmagic Kaufman, Richard
105 CARDS On the Up and Up Kaufman, Richard
106 CARDS Mysteries of My Life, The Kaufman, Richard and Rene Lavand
107 CARDS Gene Maze Card Book, The Kaufman, Richard
108 CARDS Close-Up Card Magic Lorayne, Harry
109 CARDS Deck-Sterity Lorayne, Harry
110 CARDS Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop Lorayne, Harry
111 CARDS Harry Lorayne's Personal Collection Lorayne, Harry
112 CARDS Personal Secrets Lorayne, Harry
113 CARDS Quantum Leaps Lorayne, Harry
114 CARDS Epitome Location, The Lorayne, Harry
115 CARDS My Favourite Card Tricks Lorayne, Harry
116 CARDS Best of Friends Volume I Lorayne, Harry
117 CARDS Card Classics of Ken Krenzel, The Lorayne, Harry
118 CARDS Rim Shots Lorayne, Harry
119 CARDS Afterthoughts Lorayne, Harry
120 CARDS Best of Friends Volume II Lorayne, Harry
121 CARDS Personal Collection Lorayne, Harry
122 CARDS Lecture Notes 1980 Lorayne, Harry
123 CARDS Trend Setters Lorayne, Harry
124 CARDS Great Divide, The Lorayne, Harry
125 CARDS Meir Yedid's Card Animations Lorayne, Harry
126 CARDS Classic Collection, The (LR Review) Lorayne, Harry
127 CARDS Harry Lorayne - Das Hary Lorayne Seminar 1981 Lorayne, Harry
128 CARDS Son of Simon Says! Lovell, Simon
129 CARDS Double Dazzling Triumph Daryl
130 CARDS Out of this Hemisphere Daryl
131 CARDS Psychological Assembly or the Jolly Jumping Jokers Daryl
132 CARDS Gene Maze and The Art Of Bottom Dealing Maze, Gene
133 CARDS Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M., The LePaul, Paul
134 CARDS Card Magic of Le Paul, The LePaul, Paul
135 CARDS Paul Le Paul - Die Karten-Zauberkunst des Paters John Hamman LePaul, Paul
136 CARDS Wild Card Kit, The Racherbaumer, Jon
137 CARDS In a Class by Himself, The Legacy of Don Alan Racherbaumer, Jon
138 CARDS Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields, The Racherbaumer, Jon
139 CARDS Universal Card, The Racherbaumer, Jon
140 CARDS Lecture Notes 1 Racherbaumer, Jon
141 CARDS A Leaflet for the Left Hand Racherbaumer, Jon
142 CARDS Card Finesse II Racherbaumer, Jon
143 CARDS Arch Triumphs Racherbaumer, Jon
144 CARDS Gaffed to the Hilt Racherbaumer, Jon
145 CARDS Card Finesse Racherbaumer, Jon
146 CARDS Double Dazzling Triumph Racherbaumer, Jon
147 CARDS Cardfixes Racherbaumer, Jon
148 CARDS Back to the Future 2.0 Racherbaumer, Jon
149 CARDS Big Easy Card Cunning Racherbaumer, Jon
150 CARDS Clockwork 2.0 Racherbaumer, Jon